Family Law Trends – Changes in family structures

What are the latest stats in family law? Generally speaking, divorce rates are down. There were 111,169 divorces in 2014, down almost 3% from 2012 figures, although 42% of marriages still end in divorce. Those aged 40 – 44 have the highest divorce rate and the divorce rate of the over 60s has increased by

The real cost of fighting over possessions and chattels

Chattels is the legal term that refers to personal possessions. In the context of divorce and separation, this will include the contents of your home, cars, pets (yes pets, which is a whole other blog!) but not financial assets or property made of bricks and mortar. When a couple separate, their chattels are often the last

Can I change the locks during divorce?

This is a question that is frequently asked when people are going through a divorce, usually by the person who has remained living in what was the family home. The two most common situations when this is asked is where: The property is jointly owned The property is in one person’s sole name The property

Alan Larkin’s Siaro tool unveiled at Resolution National Conference

Family lawyers attending last week’s Resolution National Conference were among the first in the legal profession to get a hands-on experience of the new Siaro legal software. Designed by Family Law Partners’ Director Alan Larkin and Siaro technical lead Jon Sayers, the tool allows lawyers to securely capture client information on divorce and separation cases