Non-biological mother wins international child abduction appeal

Last year saw the Supreme Court making a ruling that the decision of a child’s biological mother to remove the child to Pakistan, without the non-biological mother’s consent, did not cause the child to lose her English habitual residence, and therefore the English court retained full jurisdiction to make decisions about the child’s welfare. Why

Settlement conferences – a knight in shining armour?

Do you have clients who are locked in a bitter court battle over the arrangements for their children? Are you looking for a more constructive way forward, within the court system, without having to put your client through the stress of a fully contested trial? If so, help could be at hand. Pilot: settlement conferences

Foreign Pension, holiday home? Nothing is excluded on divorce

Foreign Pension, holiday home? Nothing is excluded on divorce. If you are getting divorced in England and Wales, you may be tempted to think that foreign assets –  i.e. those held outside the jurisdiction –  are excluded from consideration when it comes to sorting out finances. This is untrue. On divorce, spouses and civil partners

Innovation: 10 million reasons to give a damn

I have previously written about the desire of Family Law Partners to push the boundaries of innovation and legal practice. I described it in terms akin to “desire” and “obsession” that suggest a clinical condition rather than a business development objective. There is much hype, even within the quiet corridors of lawyers’ practices about innovation

What does 2017 have in store for Family Law?

The new year always sees a flurry of prediction pieces, however now the dust has settled on January and as we know a bit more about the likely impact of Brexit and the shape of a few key cases, we can take a more informed view of how 2017 might shape up for family lawyers.

What is Child Arbitration?

In this Vlog Linda Lamb Accredited Mediator, Collaborative Lawyer, Arbitrator and Director at Family Law Partners explains what Child Arbitration is and the advantages of using this as an alternative to court proceedings.

Family Law Partners welcomes new specialist, Lauren Waterton

Family Law Partners has announced the arrival of family law solicitor Lauren Waterton to its growing specialist team. A Resolution-trained Collaborative Lawyer, Lauren joins Family Law Partners from a West Sussex practice. Lauren specialises in matters including separation, divorce, matrimonial finances, nuptial agreements, cohabitee disputes and disputes around arrangements for children. In addition to being a

Today’s Family Lawyers demand a different way of working

The times they are a changing, as they say. Not only is our profession being transformed by technology and innovative ways of meeting our clients’ needs, but forward-thinking legal advisors want something different for themselves. This means that lawyers are less and less willing to work in the traditional law firm model. We all know