New relationships and divorce – what you need to know (Part One)

It is not unusual to think about starting a new relationship whilst you are in divorce proceedings. It is important however that you think carefully about any repercussions before rushing into something.  In this series of blogs, we are going to think about the consequences on the legal proceedings, your family and finally the emotional

Do you need to divorce proof your business?

It goes without saying that most businesses have insurance and contingencies plans in place should the worst happen, but can business owners be doing more to protect their company in the event their marriage breaks down? A company may be your most valuable and prized asset, yet do you fully appreciate the financial risk a potential

Mediation and the role of financial advisors

Mediation has become an established approach of family lawyers to relationship breakdown – be it divorce, dissolution of a civil partnership, or separation between cohabiting couples.  Many family lawyers also belong to Resolution, the foremost association for family lawyers and family justice professionals, which has a pronounced preference for avoiding conflict wherever possible, and provides a simple but

What do family lawyer qualifications really mean?

Family law qualifications can be difficult to understand if you are not a lawyer yourself. Choosing a family lawyer to guide you through the legal process in relation to divorce or a family law matter is a very individual and personal decision. Alongside those very personal considerations is the all-important choice of what type of