Will I have to share my inheritance if I get divorced?

As with so many things on divorce, whether you will be expected to share inherited wealth with your ex-partner is a matter for the court’s discretion and this will include an assessment of what it considers fair in your particular situation. Generally speaking, the court would prefer you not to require you to hand over

Parental Alienation – An update

In my previous blog I discussed the issue of parental alienation. This issue has again been brought into public debate following the recent publication of the High Court Judgement in Re L (A Child) [2019] EWHC 867. In this case, the President of the Family Division of the High Court dismissed an appeal against an

The unearthly appeal of the rule of law

Alan Larkin writes for Solicitors Journal (March 2019 issue). A few weeks back, a corporate solicitor gave me a look that betrayed, just fleetingly, mild disquiet, perhaps even pity, at finding that my legal practice lay in family law.  It chimed with similar looks of alarm and, if I’m honest, sometimes disdain, from legal peers

Mental Health and Separation – ‘Impact Series’

Divorce and separation are two of the most stressful experiences we can experience in life.  The Holmes and Rahe stress scale puts them second only to the death of a spouse – worse than imprisonment, serious injury or losing your job.  It is hardly surprising that mental health issues arise in many of the cases

Parental Alienation

At the end of a relationship, there can often be animosity between the parties. This can sometimes spill out into arrangements for childcare. In recent years, there has been a high level of media attention around the concept of ‘parental alienation’, leading many of our clients to mention this when they first contact us. Many

Beautiful data: analytics can help us ask ourselves the right questions

Alan Larkin writes for Solicitors Journal (February 2019 issue). Stockholm, October 2018. I’m at the IBM University Analytics conference, sitting in on an analytics session, surrounded by data scientists. What possible relevance could data analytics have for English family law? The journey that took me to Stockholm began two years earlier when I obtained a

What do family lawyers sell?

There is a popular story in business schools which goes something like this: The new CEO of Black & Decker asked his board of directors what their business did.  He held up a drill – “is this what we sell?” he asked.  “Yes,” said the directors, nodding; “that’s one of ours; that’s what we sell”.