Committal proceedings – effective or a risky-game?

Here at Family Law Partners, we try to facilitate settlement out of court wherever possible. However, without disclosure by both parties, this simply isn’t possible. Similarly, without disclosure, a Judge is unlikely to order a financial settlement, as they would not know whether the settlement properly reflects the assets held between the parties. So, what

One step closer to no fault divorce

Whilst the Owens judgement came as a blow to many no fault divorce advocates, as I have discussed in my previous blog, it came as no surprise given the judge’s hands were tied by the wording of the legislation. The criticism of the judgement has however, had the effect of pushing parliament into action as

Lawyers, technology, data analysis and the future

In my experience, there was been a reluctance to employ new technology to improve how legal firms do business. The President of the Law Society (in England and Wales), Christina Blacklaws, has made it her business to change all that. “I want solicitors to take a positive approach and see the evolution of technology not

Alan Larkin speaking at leading legal tech conference

Alan Larkin, Head of Innovation and Technology at Family Law Partners, has been invited to speak at the Alternative Legal Management Summit 2018 and the Alternative Legal IT Conference 2018. Two of the leading events in the legal technology sector, the events are organised by Alternative Events and are this year taking place in Birmingham on

Making the law of surrogacy work for everyone

For National Surrogacy Week 2018 we invited Professor Nick Hopkins, Commissioner, and Leonie James, Research Assistant, Law Commission for England and Wales, to contribute the following piece: Becoming a parent is the greatest day in many people’s lives. But for whatever reason, sometimes surrogacy can be the only way for people to have children of