Co-parenting After Divorce

Separating or going through a divorce is one of life’s most difficult journeys. When you are separating, a lot of legal words get thrown around – custody, residence, contact, access, child arrangements, shared parenting and of course, co-parenting. Understandably, all of this legal jargon can be very difficult for parents to understand. In recent years, one of

Who pays the school fees on Divorce

Most of the clients I meet with, whether through mediation or to give advice to, whose children are in private education stretch themselves to ensure they can meet school fees. There are not many couples where school fees are met easily from either savings or income. However, the wish to educate their children privately is

Is mediation right for you?

Many people are not sure whether mediation is going to be a suitable way of helping them to resolve matters that are important to them. It can seem like a very daunting and unknown process. This blog post sets out some common questions people raise when considering whether mediation will be right for them. We

Pensions and divorce

Kim Williams, from Kreston Reeves is our latest guest blogger. Kim discusses how your pension could be impacted by divorce and also covers how advice from both your financial advisor and specialist family lawyer can really help in achieving the best outcome. We have recently experienced an influx of clients who want to discuss how

What Happens if my Child Refuses to go to Contact?

As a parent, if your child is refusing to spend time with the other parent, many would empathise with you for not wanting to ‘force’ them. Unfortunately, the Court does not always share this empathy. So, what should you do if your child refuses to go to contact? It would be easy to assume that

Pre-Nuptial Agreements for Business Owners

Before addressing business owners and pre-nuptial agreements I felt it may be helpful to revisit some of the general principles that apply in relation to pre-nuptial agreements. What is a Pre-Nuptial Agreement? It is an agreement between two people about to get married/enter a civil partnership which sets out what they want to happen to

A Guide to the Family Mediation Process

Are you thinking about mediation? Are you worried and feeling unsure about what will be involved? If so, here is a general overview of the process to help put your mind at rest and assist you in feeling more prepared. The process starts off with an initial call from you to enquire about setting up

How can I dissolve a civil partnership in England and Wales if I am living in a country which does not recognise civil partnerships?  

Under the law of England and Wales, a civil partnership is a relationship between two people of the same sex which is formed when they register as civil partners in England or Wales.  The courts also recognise certain registered overseas relationships that are equivalent to civil partnerships. It is possible to dissolve (formally end) a