Family Law Partners announce expansion into Horsham

Winners of the national Medium Law Firm of the Year at the recent Law Society Awards, Family Law Partners, has announced its expansion into Horsham with newly appointed Director Kate Elliott heading up a new team. With the firm’s London offices opening its doors at the beginning of the year, 2019 has seen significant growth

Domicile and Surrogacy – What you need to know?

and Richard Jones Why is domicile important? According to UK law when a child is born via surrogacy the surrogate who gives birth to the child is recognised as the child’s legal mother.  If the surrogate is married, the surrogate’s husband is the child’s legal father.  The intended parents must apply for a parental order

Eureka! Lessons from the Ancient Greeks

Alan Larkin writes for Solicitors Journal (August 2019 issue). Advising a roomful of senior lawyers from disparate firms that they needed a god in their heads to succeed with innovation is unorthodox but it grabs attention.  Besides, I think it’s true.  Metaphorically, of course.  My workshop opener was enthousiasmus – the Greek root of our

Family Law Partners Wins Major Industry Award

South-East specialist family law firm, Family Law Partners, has won Medium Law Firm of the Year at the Law Society Awards 2019. The Law Society Excellence Awards have been celebrating the hard work and inspiring achievements of solicitors, legal teams and firms of all sizes across England and Wales for the past 13 years and

What is Financial Disclosure?

Financial Disclosure is a phrase I use at least daily, sometime more than 5 or 10 times a day. It’s part of my everyday language and sometimes those of us in the family law world forget that those two words may not have an obvious meaning to anyone else. Quite simply, financial disclosure is the

Co-parenting After Divorce

Separating or going through a divorce is one of life’s most difficult journeys. When you are separating, a lot of legal words get thrown around – custody, residence, contact, access, child arrangements, shared parenting and of course, co-parenting. Understandably, all of this legal jargon can be very difficult for parents to understand. In recent years, one of

Who pays the school fees on Divorce

Most of the clients I meet with, whether through mediation or to give advice to, whose children are in private education stretch themselves to ensure they can meet school fees. There are not many couples where school fees are met easily from either savings or income. However, the wish to educate their children privately is

Is mediation right for you?

Many people are not sure whether mediation is going to be a suitable way of helping them to resolve matters that are important to them. It can seem like a very daunting and unknown process. This blog post sets out some common questions people raise when considering whether mediation will be right for them. We