Enforcing a Child Arrangements Order

All too often we receive enquiries from parents who have walked out of Court, with the child arrangements order sought in hand, hoping their troubles would end there. Unfortunately, time passes, the other parent is refusing to abide by the order, and they’re left asking ‘what next’?. There are steps which can be taken to

Court vs Mediation – A Case Study in Nine Coffees

Court v Mediation – A Case Study in Nine Coffees The benefits of mediation are countless. As we have explored in other blogs and materials for Family Mediation Week 2020, mediation works. It can be used to achieve more constructive outcomes and help ex partners be the parents they want to be post separation or

How mediation can help parenting after parting

When parents separate, they do not simply separate into two family units, they shatter into multiple pieces creating a myriad of issues that they must work through – housing, mortgages, income needs, pensions, children and living arrangements. The emotional fallout coupled with the stress and worry as to how housing and income needs are to

How do you get an unwilling partner to try Mediation?

Your relationship has broken down, emotions may be running quite high. You are both trying to deal with matters, particularly if you have children together but it’s not quite working. You’ve been for legal advice or you’ve researched online and you think you would like to try mediation. You have suggested this to your ex-partner

How can a financial expert help you within the mediation process?

It can be of enormous value for separating couples to have input from an independent financial expert when looking at options and trying to reach an outcome regarding their separation and the division of assets. For Mediation Awareness Week 2020 I interviewed financial expert, Karen McGrath, to find out more about the role a financial

The year ahead – what does 2020 have in store for Family Law?

Gemma Hope, family law solicitor, collaborative lawyer and mediator, explores the likely issues, trends and themes that are set to shape year ahead for family law professionals and couples who are separating or divorcing. No-fault divorce The current divorce process requires many people to blame their spouse on their divorce petition. As I have outlined

Unmarried couples – What happens if one partner dies when there is no Will in place?

As part of Resolution’s Cohabitation Awareness Week, we have asked Katherine Miller at Renaissance Legal to discuss the impact on unmarried couples if one partner were to die when there is no Will in place. Over to Katherine… Alongside Family Law Partners, we’re supporting Resolution’s Cohabitation Awareness Week. Resolution is campaigning for cohabiting couples to

Property rights for unmarried couples

Unlike married couples or those in a Civil Partnerships, cohabiting couples do not automatically have financial claims against each other upon separation. Property rights for unmarried couples differ depending on whether the couple live in rented accommodation or whether they own a property together. In this blog, we look at some of the most common

Financial rights for unmarried parents

If you are not married and your relationship has broken down there is no legal requirement for maintenance to be paid by one of you to the other. However, if you have a child together you both have a financial obligation towards that child. Child maintenance A parent who does not live with the child

Resolution’s Cohabitation Awareness Week 2019

Resolution was founded in 1982 by a group of family lawyers who believed that a non-confrontational approach to family law issues would produce better outcomes for separating families and their children.  Since then the organisation, and its members have committed to working in a constructive way.  The membership has grown and now includes other professionals