Court Enforces Pre-Nuptial Agreement

When the marriage of a wealthy couple broke up, the English court had the opportunity to consider the impact of two pre-nuptial agreements the couple had made before they wed. The couple, both Swedes, married in 2000 and had had two children by the time they separated in 2015. They have lived in the

Myths about divorce – when, and how, you can petition for divorce

There is an abundance of information and advice available on the internet for those facing divorce proceedings but, unfortunately, a lot of this is inaccurate and misleading.  Online divorce forums are full of answers to questions about divorce which sound authoritative but are so often entirely wrong.  Time and time again clients come in to

Alan Larkin’s Siaro tool unveiled at Resolution National Conference

Family lawyers attending last week’s Resolution National Conference were among the first in the legal profession to get a hands-on experience of the new Siaro legal software. Designed by Family Law Partners’ Director Alan Larkin and Siaro technical lead Jon Sayers, the tool allows lawyers to securely capture client information on divorce and separation cases

Court Corrects Bureaucratic Nightmare for Family

One of the most important roles played by judges is to protect individuals against unlawful treatment by the state. In one unique example, the High Court came to the aid of a couple who found themselves caught in a legal nightmare after their twins were born following fertility treatment. Under the auspices of a

What happens to my pension if I separate or divorce?

Anyone going through a divorce or separation will know that it is a daunting prospect; it is a time of uncertainty and at the forefront of your mind will be arrangements for your children and meeting your immediate housing and income needs. The impact of your separation on your pension provision may not be an