Giving Up Your Career to Get Married? Think Twice!

A person who voluntarily prioritises their marriage over their working life may not be entitled to compensation for the earnings foregone if their relationship ends in divorce. The Court of Appeal made that point in ruling on the case of a former headteacher who abandoned her career when she married a doctor who was 16

The real cost of fighting over possessions and chattels

Chattels is the legal term that refers to personal possessions. In the context of divorce and separation, this will include the contents of your home, cars, pets (yes pets, which is a whole other blog!) but not financial assets or property made of bricks and mortar. When a couple separate, their chattels are often the last

Surrey Family Law Day 2017

Surrey Resolution’s Family Law Day is taking place on Wednesday 17th May 2017 at Sandown Racecourse. The event which is set up and run by Surrey Resolution and supported by a number of firms and leading family lawyers in the region, combines a unique training and networking event. Delegates will receive a “Finance update” from

Divorce: Asset Division Not Always Equal

In general, there is a presumption that on divorce the assets will be split more or less equally, but that is based on case law interpretation of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, not statute. Currently, a Bill in the House of Lords (the Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill) proposes to create a statutory presumption of equality,

Can I change the locks during divorce?

This is a question that is frequently asked of divorce solicitors, usually by the person who has remained living in what was the family home. The two most common situations when this is asked is where: The property is jointly owned The property is in one person’s sole name The property is jointly owned If