Mothers Denied Child Residence Orders

When a couple split up, it is very common for one of them to wish to move away, often to the area where they grew up or have family. This can create significant issues as far as the children are concerned and disputes in such cases are common. In a recent example, a Scottish

Who pays the mortgage when going through divorce?

As well as dealing with the different emotions people experience when going through divorce, there are extremely important practical decisions to be made. One of the very first questions many people ask when they come to their family lawyer is who will pay the mortgage during the divorce process. Who is responsible for a mortgage

Behind the scenes of a mediation session

The profile of mediation as a means of resolving family disputes is increasing, not least because of its many benefits over the traditional court system. Mediation presents many advantages, ranging from empowering couples to make measured, long-term decisions in an open, more conflict-free environment, to helping keep costs down. But what are the ins and

Court Unwilling to Force Family Home Sale

Taking legal advice when borrowing for any purpose is important, as a recent case in which a wife faced the possibility of the sale of her home when her husband was made bankrupt shows. When he faced financial difficulties in 2005, the husband raised a mortgage against the family home in order to provide

Spousal maintenance cases – where are we now?

Following on from my two popular blogs on spousal maintenance, I thought it would be helpful to provide an update as to where we are now given some time has passed since they were written. Well, not an awful lot has changed following the guidance produced by the Law Commission’s recommendations made within the Matrimonial