What is parental alienation? How can you tackle it?

Parental alienation is where one parent poisons their child against the other parent. It is not a recognised syndrome in England and Wales, however it is accepted that where there is a hostile separation one parent can act in a way that alienates a child from the other parent. It is always best for parents

Skulduggery in Divorce Proceedings Will Do You No Good

Resorting to skulduggery in divorce proceedings is sadly common but almost never does either side any good. That was certainly so in one case in which a man surreptitiously took documents from his ex-wife’s home and sought – unsuccessfully – to rely on them in court. During their five-year marriage, the couple had lived

Same-sex parenting and the law

There are many different family structures and ways of having a child together when you are in a same-sex relationship. A child can only have up to two legal parents (except in the event of IVF-based techniques designed to avoid serious mitochondrial diseases where there are three legal parents). However, just because someone is legally

Holiday checklist; luggage, passport, children…consent?

The children have now broken up from school for the summer and you may be busy running around making last minute preparations for your annual family holiday abroad.  As well as making sure that emergency first aid kit is still in date and that the passports have not expired, make sure that you have obtained