2017 –  reflections

Writing our annual submission to Chambers & Partners UK always generates mixed feelings. How can the deadline have come around again? How can we possibly whittle down all of our cases to meet the submission limit? But more so, it’s a time we come out of our comfort zone and we do something we instinctively find

Single parent surrogacy

The government has finally sent a draft remedial order to Parliament to change the law on surrogacy to enable single parents to be able to obtain legal recognition for their families in the same way as couples can currently do. As the law stands at the moment it is not open to the court to

The voice of the child in court proceedings

We are often faced with questions from clients in the midst of court proceedings relating to their children about how their children’s views will be accounted for and how they can help them understand the decisions being made about them. There has recently been much debate about the extent to which children should be involved