Family Consultants and mediation

An interview with Kim Crewe The role of a family consultant may not be something that people are familiar with or even considered might be able to assist to resolve family disputes.  Family Law Partners recognise the importance of introducing a family consultant to couples who have decided to separate or divorce as a way

Mediation and Parenting Plans

How Mediation can be used to help draw up a Parenting Plan On day four of Family Mediation Week 2018, our family mediation experts look at how mediation can be useful in drawing up and agreeing parenting plans. What is Mediation? Mediation is a non-court dispute resolution process for couples who are experiencing a relationship

Myths of Mediation

True or false –  which of these comments about mediation are true and which are false? Mediation is about Reconciliation FALSE – mediation is a process designed to help couples reach an agreement about the arrangements for their separation without the need to go through contested court proceedings. It is a form of dispute resolution.

Tips for successful family mediation

Mediation for divorcing or separating couples is becoming more well-known and more popular, and for good reason. Our tips for successful family mediation show how it enables couples to make well thought out, long-term decisions in a stress-free environment, and it can help to keep costs down dramatically. This is a brief look at the ins and

Mediation vs court

As mediators who promote a non-adversarial approach to divorce and relationship breakdown, we’re always encouraging couples to seek alternatives to the court route. But the traditional way can, sadly, be so entrenched in peoples’ minds as the way to end a marriage that it’s not always possible to find the right words to persuade people

The Origins and Future of Family Mediation

  Family Mediation Week 2018 begins today and is a really exciting opportunity to raise awareness of the constructive role expert-led family meditation can play in assisting separating families. Mediation is a non-court dispute resolution process, the aim of which is to facilitate open face-to-face discussions between separating couples. Mediation as a process is very

Using a known sperm donor – your legal rights

What are the legal implications of using a known sperm donor? More and more women are using sperm donors to get pregnant, often because they are in a same sex relationship or are single but feel ready to have a child.  Anyone considering this route needs to be aware of two decisions which can have

Press score an own goal

First, let me declare an interest in this issue. I really dislike celebrity culture, and in particular, the “celebretariat” (Toby Young’s word to explain people who are famous for being famous!). The aspiration some people have to be famous misses a massive beat with me. The insatiable desire of the press to report on celebrity

Separation and Lasting Powers of Attorney

Eleanor Ward, Solicitor at Legal Matters, joins us as a guest blogger to explain  ‘Separation and Lasting Powers of Attorney’ – what a Lasting Power of Attorney means, and the impact if you divorce or separate.  Writing a Will is rarely at the top of anyone’s to do list. To be honest, it often isn’t