Tips for parents giving evidence in court

Following last week’s post from Karen Jeary sharing what the family courts expect from parents in children proceedings, this post has been designed to help parents prepare for giving evidence in court. If you are a parent involved in court proceedings about your child, you are likely experiencing one of the most stressful times in

What the Family Courts expect from Parents

As a result of the strict criterion that applies to eligibility for legal aid within most private family law proceedings, a greater number of parents are now unable to access assistance with legal costs. As a consequence there has been an upward trend in the number of parents who are representing themselves in resolving matters

How are shareholder agreements treated in divorce?

Shareholder agreements and divorce Shareholder agreements and their treatment in divorce is a question that often arises when one or both of the parties in the divorce have an interest in a private limited company. In my experience, the effect of a shareholder agreement tends to be viewed through the prism of its impact upon