Family Law Trends – Changes in family structures

What are the latest stats in family law? Generally speaking, divorce rates are down. There were 111,169 divorces in 2014, down almost 3% from 2012 figures, although 42% of marriages still end in divorce. Those aged 40 – 44 have the highest divorce rate and the divorce rate of the over 60s has increased by

Not all family lawyers are the same

One of the most important things to the majority of people today is choice.  The ability to choose who governs us, what we eat and what we wear is fundamental to our wellbeing.  When we buy a car there are different manufacturers, different models and different ways of customising them.  The same applies when you

Fees and fury

The real value of family law expertise is for clients, not a judge, to decide says Robert Williams. The recent judgment in J v J [2014] EWHC 3654 (Fam) (06 November 2014) has left a number of family lawyers jumping to the defence of the client’s right to choose how they spend their money. The

Family Law Arbitration – why it will work for you

If you are involved in a dispute which relates to financial issues arising from a relationship and you need that issue resolving is court your only choice? The family courts are buckling under the strain of successive rounds of funding cuts. Court lists are packed with those unable to afford legal representation but who need