The interaction between domestic abuse and child arrangements

Co-parenting with an ex-partner can sometimes be emotionally draining and practically challenging. It goes without saying that navigating parenthood when there is domestic abuse involved is extremely difficult and adds an additional layer of emotional complexity when it comes to things like arrangements and contact. Often a parent who has experienced domestic abuse at the

Top 10 changes to family law in the past 10 years

and Kate Elliott. With thanks to QEB, 1 Crown Office Row, 1GC, 1KBW, 4PB and 36 Family for their contribution. What a decade it has been – and what a decade will it be to come – Part 1 The turning of the decade can be a significant moment in time – there was much talk at

The ‘grave risk’ exception to child abduction and Covid-19

Child Abduction is when a child under the age of 16 is removed or retained from the jurisdiction of England and Wales without the consent of all those with parental responsibility for the child.  It is a criminal offence. Parents of abducted children (often referred to as the ‘left-behind parent’) living in countries that have

Christmas is coming… family arrangements in 2020

Planning for Christmas can be challenging regardless of the shape of your family. Add in a global pandemic with ever changing rules and restrictions and the maze of logistical challenges, it becomes even more tricky to navigate.  Christmas 2020 will doubtless look very different for many families with COVID19 disrupting traditions, routines, and well-established contact

What is parenting coordination?

Parenting coordination is a child-focused dispute resolution process for separated parents designed to try and minimise conflict.  Parenting Coordinators assist families who may be struggling to implement agreed arrangements for their children from a court order or parenting agreement.  It is most often used where there is high conflict between the parents but who wish

External Child Relocation: A Case Study

Child relocation is a complex area of law. In this blog, I use a fictional case study to explain a practical application of the law on external relocation; getting permission from the court (in the absence of consent between parents) to permanently remove a child from the jurisdiction of England and Wales.  Every family’s circumstances

What is a ‘living with both parents order’?

Going through any relationship breakdown is a very emotional time and agreeing on how and when children spend time with their parents will often be at the forefront of parents’ minds. Understandably parenting when you are no longer in a relationship with the other parent can be challenging. Fortunately, most parents are able to agree

The case of TT and legal recognition for transgender parents

In this blog we explore a recent case in family law involving legal recognition for a transgender parent. With thanks to barrister Richard Jones of 1GC who kindly shared his expertise and in doing so helped the following piece come together.   Background Alfred McConnell (Freddy) is the transgender parent at the centre of the