Minimising the Impact

Family Therapist and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor Leia Monsoon shares her experience of how separating parents can help to limit the impact of conflict on their children. Divorce is something that happens between adults, but the effects are often felt by children. Divorcing is one of the most stressful situations adults can go through. It can be

Voice of the Child in Dispute Resolution Processes

When I ask any separating parent what their priorities are, I almost always get the same answer – my children.  All parents want the best for their children but often have different ideas as to what ‘is best’. These differences often create conflict in the family, with the child stuck in the middle.  This is

Tips for parents giving evidence in court

Following last week’s post from Karen Jeary sharing what the family courts expect from parents in children proceedings, this post has been designed to help parents prepare for giving evidence in court. If you are a parent involved in court proceedings about your child, you are likely experiencing one of the most stressful times in

What the Family Courts expect from Parents

As a result of the strict criterion that applies to eligibility for legal aid within most private family law proceedings, a greater number of parents are now unable to access assistance with legal costs. As a consequence there has been an upward trend in the number of parents who are representing themselves in resolving matters

Mediation and Parenting Plans

How Mediation can be used to help draw up a Parenting Plan On day four of Family Mediation Week 2018, our family mediation experts look at how mediation can be useful in drawing up and agreeing parenting plans. What is Mediation? Mediation is a non-court dispute resolution process for couples who are experiencing a relationship

The voice of the child in court proceedings

We are often faced with questions from clients in the midst of court proceedings relating to their children about how their children’s views will be accounted for and how they can help them understand the decisions being made about them. There has recently been much debate about the extent to which children should be involved

Surrogacy and family law (part two)

What is a parental order? Following the birth of a child born to a surrogate mother, the usual course of action is for the intended parents to apply for a parental order (sometimes called a ‘parenting order’). A parental order is a set of legal orders made by the court about parenting arrangements for a