Collaborative Law: Back to Basics

In March 2020, my colleague, Rachel Nicholl, and I qualified as collaborative lawyers.  It has opened my eyes to a better, kinder, client-led and solution focussed way of working.  I have already been able to put into practice the excellent skills that I have learned from the course, which has influenced and enhanced my practice

Collaborative Law arrives in Horsham

A kinder divorce via the collaborative process? Family Law Partners have opened a base in Horsham to provide a better way for local families to deal with their divorce or separation. The traditional court process can exacerbate conflict and polarise those involved at what is already a difficult time. When there are children involved this

Not all family lawyers are the same

One of the most important things to the majority of people today is choice.  The ability to choose who governs us, what we eat and what we wear is fundamental to our wellbeing.  When we buy a car there are different manufacturers, different models and different ways of customising them.  The same applies when you

Video interview: A series on Collaborative Law

Earlier in the year, BrightPOD welcomed lawyer, psychologist, mediator, and collaborative law practitioner Stephen H. Sulmeyer, J.D., Ph.D to deliver a session to its members. In a series of videos published by BrightPOD for Dispute Resolution Week, Stephen provides his expert insight on Collaborative Law and what this process delivers by way of benefits to

Collaborative Law – A Kinder Divorce?

The word divorce can stir all manner of emotions and expectations. Commonly, most people will brace themselves for a courtroom battle, mudslinging, children being used as bargaining tools and absolutely no chance of remaining ‘friends’ with their former partner in the future. For many families the conflict never ends and everyone involved, particularly the children,