Top 10 changes to family law in the past 10 years

and Kate Elliott. With thanks to QEB, 1 Crown Office Row, 1GC, 1KBW, 4PB and 36 Family for their contribution. What a decade it has been – and what a decade will it be to come – Part 1 The turning of the decade can be a significant moment in time – there was much talk at

Businesses and divorce – what approach does the Court take? 

Many family solicitors are all too familiar with the disputes that can arise on a marital breakdown. Issues can materialise and cases can become more complex when there is a business or businesses to consider. So, how does the family court treat businesses in proceedings for a financial remedy on divorce? When considering financial provision

Capitalising Spousal Maintenance – what does this mean?

In divorce and civil partnership dissolutions one of the powers open to the court is – where circumstances permit – to capitalise spousal maintenance.  Capitalisation of a spousal maintenance order simply means rolling future spousal maintenance payments into a one-off payment. Significantly, it does not apply to child maintenance. The court already has the duty

Financial rights for unmarried parents

If you are not married and your relationship has broken down there is no legal requirement for maintenance to be paid by one of you to the other. However, if you have a child together you both have a financial obligation towards that child. Child maintenance A parent who does not live with the child

What is Financial Disclosure?

Financial Disclosure is a phrase I use at least daily, sometime more than 5 or 10 times a day. It’s part of my everyday language and sometimes those of us in the family law world forget that those two words may not have an obvious meaning to anyone else. Quite simply, financial disclosure is the

Who pays the school fees on Divorce

Most of the clients I meet with, whether through mediation or to give advice to, whose children are in private education stretch themselves to ensure they can meet school fees. There are not many couples where school fees are met easily from either savings or income. However, the wish to educate their children privately is

Pensions and divorce

Kim Williams, from Kreston Reeves is our latest guest blogger. Kim discusses how your pension could be impacted by divorce and also covers how advice from both your financial advisor and specialist family lawyer can really help in achieving the best outcome. We have recently experienced an influx of clients who want to discuss how