External Child Relocation: A Case Study

Child relocation is a complex area of law. In this blog, I use a fictional case study to explain a practical application of the law on external relocation; getting permission from the court (in the absence of consent between parents) to permanently remove a child from the jurisdiction of England and Wales.  Every family’s circumstances

How can I dissolve a civil partnership in England and Wales if I am living in a country which does not recognise civil partnerships?  

Under the law of England and Wales, a civil partnership is a relationship between two people of the same sex which is formed when they register as civil partners in England or Wales.  The courts also recognise certain registered overseas relationships that are equivalent to civil partnerships. It is possible to dissolve (formally end) a

Holiday checklist; luggage, passport, children…consent?

The children have now broken up from school for the summer and you may be busy running around making last minute preparations for your annual family holiday abroad.  As well as making sure that emergency first aid kit is still in date and that the passports have not expired, make sure that you have obtained

Non-biological mother wins international child abduction appeal

Last year saw the Supreme Court making a ruling that the decision of a child’s biological mother to remove the child to Pakistan, without the non-biological mother’s consent, did not cause the child to lose her English habitual residence, and therefore the English court retained full jurisdiction to make decisions about the child’s welfare. Why

Foreign Pension, holiday home? Nothing is excluded on divorce

Foreign Pension, holiday home? Nothing is excluded on divorce. If you are getting divorced in England and Wales, you may be tempted to think that foreign assets –  i.e. those held outside the jurisdiction –  are excluded from consideration when it comes to sorting out finances. This is untrue. On divorce, spouses and civil partners