Armed Forces Pensions on Divorce – Part 3

This post is the final blog in a three part series covering armed forces pensions, In the earlier blogs you will have seen that armed forces pensions is a complex area to deal with. There are several different schemes which affect what can be drawn from the pension and when. I normally find that the

Armed Forces Pensions on Divorce: Part 2

In last week’s blog I explained the different ways armed forces pensions can be treated on divorce. I ended with a comment as to how the Early Departure Payment (EDP) could be affected by the way an armed forces pension is dealt with on divorce. It’s probably easier if I explain what this can mean

Armed Forces Pensions on Divorce: Part 1

Pensions can be a tricky area to deal with during a divorce, often because they are not properly understood. There are many different types of pensions and one of the most challenging, and interesting, types to deal with are military pensions – army, naval, royal air force. This blog only touches the surface of this