Child “custody” – carrots and sticks

(OK, we know that “custody” disappeared as a legal concept in 1991 but it is still a word that many people use to describe the legal label dealing with where a child lives, so excuse my outdated jargon.) “I won’t force the children to see their mother/father” is a statement I hear often from parents

Step-parents and Parental Responsibility

What is parental responsibility? Who has it? Who can acquire it? In my last previous article on this subject I looked at the role of step-parents and, more importantly, their legal status. To recap, a step-parent doesn’t typically have any ‘custody’ rights to stepchildren and therefore their powers are limited in respect of their step children.

Who was it that gave stepmothers a bad name?

Certainly Walt Disney has a lot to answer for, with his caricatures of ‘the wicked stepmother’ featuring so strikingly in many of the classic fairy tales. The demonized cold-faced, heartless and cruel women who makes life so very harsh and difficult for her stepchildren, has many youngsters shaking in their seats! Have those stories shaped

Changing family structures – living in a Stepfamily

At Family Law Partners we often support clients through a relationship breakdown where a new stepfamily or stepparent relationship is formed. In the first in a new series of guest blog posts we invite Kim Crewe, Family Consultant with Separation Matters, to explore the impact of new family structures on the children. “Most of us