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Collaborative Law arrives in Horsham

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A kinder divorce via the collaborative process?

Family Law Partners have opened a base in Horsham to provide a better way for local families to deal with their divorce or separation.

The traditional court process can exacerbate conflict and polarise those involved at what is already a difficult time. When there are children involved this can make it harder to move forward as a family and build a respectful co-parenting relationship.

Family Law Partners are experienced collaborative lawyers and have been practicing across Sussex for many years. They are passionate in their belief that Collaborative Law enables families to divorce with dignity as it requires a commitment to avoid litigation and focus on resolving disputes in a constructive way, achieving an outcome that is right for the whole family.

What does the collaborative process look like?

In the collaborative process the separating couple each have their own solicitor to support and advise them through a series of meetings within which information will be shared and all issues affecting the family going forwards can be discussed and resolved. Financial experts and family consultants, who help you manage the emotional side of your separation, can be invited to join the process to ensure you have all the help and guidance you need to achieve a positive outcome for you and your family.

Alan Larkin, Director, who started his legal career in Horsham, says ‘We have been using the collaborative model for some time with great success and I am delighted to be bringing this model of conflict resolution to Horsham. It allows couples to focus on what matters to them and their family within a transparent and straight forward process that can lay the ground work for healthy relationships within the family in the future.’

Family solicitors HorshamGemma Hope, Lauren Guy and Chris Maulkin are our family law specialist solicitors in Horsham. Experts in family law, the team members are all Collaborative Lawyers, supporting clients in finding solutions and alternatives to court when separating or divorcing.

We have offices in central Horsham where we can arrange to see you.

If you are thinking of separating or are in the process of separating and want to take a different approach to the traditional court journey contact us for an informal discussion about collaborative law.

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