Divorce hurting workplaces in Brighton & Hove

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Research carried out by Resolution (a body of members committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes) shows that 10% of people in the South East have either had to leave their job as a result of their own separation, or have seen a colleague move on for the same reason.

According to Resolution, who commissioned the research to mark Family Dispute Resolution Week (24-28 November), the stress of separation also has an impact, with 17% saying they or one of their colleagues has had to take sick leave as a direct result of the anguish of a break up. While 15% of people in the South East said separation and divorce has had a negative impact on productivity where they work.

Yet despite the effect it has on them or their colleagues, just 10% of people think their employers offer adequate support for people going through a break up, with 35% saying more needs to be done to provide support in the workplace for those undergoing separation or divorce.

It’s estimated that divorce costs the British economy up to £46bn every year and the British Chambers of Commerce recently emphasised the relationship between employees’ wellbeing and business productivity.

There are over 10,000 small businesses (i.e. those with less than 50 employees) in the Brighton and Hove area, so losing just one member of staff, even for a short amount of time, can have a huge impact on productivity and on the other people that work there.

There is no doubt that divorce or separation is a very stressful and emotional time for anyone going through it and one of the greatest myths connected to divorce and separation is that couples have to go to court to sort out matters such how money and assets will be divided or where the children will live. That is not the case. There are many options available to couples including mediation, collaborative practice, arbitration and solicitor negotiation. Choosing one of these alternatives is more often that not a far better option to help people manage their separation in a way that minimises conflict and focuses on the needs of any children they might have.

At Family Law Partners we are all too aware of the devastating impact separation and divorce can have on families. The research carried out by Resolution has also highlighted the wider impact separation can have on employers and colleagues. We are committed to helping people manage their separation with minimal conflict and always putting the best interests of their children first.

In support of Family Dispute Resolution Week Lisa Burton-Durham and Christopher Maulkin are offering free 30 minute initial consultations to discuss the options available to anyone who is separating from their partner.

So if you or someone you know at work is separating from their spouse or partner, come and speak to us, read the advice on our website and that of Resolution to find out more about the options available. There is a better way.




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