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Family Law Partners & IBM – a case-study in innovation

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Global tech powerhouse IBM has published a case-study detailing Family Law Partners’ use of its data-analytics platform IBM Watson.

Published online, the case study showcases the innovative approach to data analytics that Family Law Partners has taken to help clients decide which resolution method best suits their unique circumstances.

Family Law Partners & IBM

The firm see innovation in technology as crucial in delivering legal services in the future. It remains the key strategic driver for the growing team in meeting client demands to access affordable, bespoke family law advice, and to provide alternatives to the court process such as mediation, collaborative law and arbitration.

Through the IBM Watson Analytics solution, clients of Family Law Partners benefit from the insight delivered by smart data discovery and diagnostic capabilities that delivers unique understanding of the different drivers that impact the length, as well as the cost, of family law proceedings.

The Brighton family law solicitors are also the only practice to offer clients an online conditional logic platform (effectively a virtual lawyer) ahead of their initial meeting with an expert to capture essential data, ensuring that separating couples are given tailored advice from the outset.


Alan Larkin, Head of Technology and Innovation at Family Law Partners, said: ‘As well as reducing the stress of an initial client meeting, we realized that our online system provides a rich source of data, which we could potentially harness to further improve the client journey’.

Family Law Partners’ use of the IBM Watson Analytics platform is ongoing, coupled with analysis of anonymized data from its own client base, providing a unique perspective on family law cases. Ahead of reports from the Competition and Markets Authority and movement from the legal regulator the Solicitors Regulation Authority as to the transparency around fees, Family Law Partners is set to be ahead of the curve – not only helping clients better understand, but then have control of the many factors that may influence the cost and duration of their case.

The full case-study can be read here:


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