Family Lawyer?s demand a different way of working

Today’s Family Lawyers demand a different way of working

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The times they are a changing, as they say. Not only is our profession being transformed by technology and innovative ways of meeting our clients’ needs, but forward-thinking legal advisors want something different for themselves.

This means that lawyers are less and less willing to work in the traditional law firm model. We all know the type of firm.

Traditional firms

Hours – 9 to 5 but always staying later to make sure that you are seen. You must be in the office every day otherwise you are not considered to be working. Flexible working is discouraged, with requests to attend children’s plays etc refused or you have to take annual leave;

Profile photos – in a suit, standing in front of law books on a dusty old shelf;

Marketing – attending the opening of an envelope to prove ‘business development’ abilities, whether the event is relevant to the business or not;

Management – strict hierarchy, where orders are given with little opportunity for others to provide input. Decisions take ages to be made by the time all the partners agree/disagree;

Partnership – taking on substantial loans to buy into a firm and yet having little control of the finances and the performance of other partners;

Multiple disciplines – each department only interested in their area of law and often the better performing departments propping up the poorer performing departments;

IT – archaic systems and no real investment in up to date and innovative IT.

However, there is an alternative. Niche firms, who have cottoned on to the need for change and broken away from the old way, can offer ambitious lawyers a better way of working and a different kind of career journey. We are one of them.

Family Law Partners


Family Law Partners provide a completely different approach, both for our Consultants and those working in the office. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best possible outcomes by carefully considering their needs whilst supporting all that work with us.

Hours – performance and commitment is not judged just by the amount of time spent in the office;

Profile photos – specific to the individual and reflecting their own personality, to help clients feel comfortable when meeting their family lawyer for the first time;

Marketing – bespoke package for each lawyer, including support for relationship marketing, social media and online optimisation;

Management – we aim to be supportive and encouraging. All our staff not only contribute to, but create the business plan in collaboration each year.

Office working – all lawyers have the opportunity to work some days from home – the advantage of up to date IT. Communication is assisted by monthly team meetings and regular lunches to celebrate various events. Regular social events and lunches remind us that belonging to and feeling part of a team involves more than sitting at a desk putting in the hours. And the team bonus scheme doesn’t hurt either.

Specialists – Family Law Partners only provides family law advice with the full provision of Dispute Resolution. Offering clients real choice and our lawyers the chance to work in a varied, client-focussed way;

IT – we invest in the latest systems and software and create our own, new applications to assist everyone in Family Law Partners;

Family Law Partners’ Consultants – our experts are fully part of the Family Law Partners’ family. They have the flexibility to work the hours and days that they wish. This gives them the opportunity to fit work around family needs or interests. Family Law Partners deal with the regulatory aspects of practice, billing and bringing the fees in, providing support both professional and practical and keeping the IT efficient and advanced.

Niche – Specialising in one area of law and with only three Directors this allows decisions to be made quickly.

Family Law Partners is genuinely warm and welcoming. Come join us.

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