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FLP launch new ‘Reflective Practice’ initiative to support its lawyers

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Family Law Partners has launched a new ‘reflective practice’ initiative to support its team of family law experts.

Designed to create a supportive environment for the team to think about their work, FLP’s Reflective Practice creates a space where the team can learn from experience.

Team members will think about their experiences at work and consider how they have dealt with a situation and, with reflection, what they may change in the future to improve the experience for them and, as importantly, the client.

Gemma Hope, Senior Associate at Family Law Partners, said:

‘The reflective practice initiative started as a way of helping our growing team learn from one another and given the positive impact we have seen where mental wellbeing professionals are involved. What started as an informal extension of our culture of sharing best-practice, is growing into a series of regular meet-ups, facilitated by an external expert, which has changed the way we approach and feel about our work.’

Earlier this month Lawyer Monthly reported on data released from Bupa, showing the strategic importance professional service organisations are placing on mental health. Reports show that with nearly two-thirds (63%) of law firms are taking active steps to put it higher on their agenda. The data shows that for 28% of legal service firms, mental health is now a bigger issue among employees than physical illness.

Legal community charity LawCare reported an 11% increase in the number of calls it received in 2017, with workplace stress being the biggest contributor to feelings of unhappiness. Three-quarters of callers to LawCare’s service were solicitors.

Family Law Partners is, as far as we are aware, the first family team in the SE region to respond to these findings and take a proactive stance, creating a dedicated model to support the wellbeing and mental health of its legal team which in turn enables a better service to be provided to clients.

The reflective practice model allows team members to explore the dynamics between themselves and their clients, offer each other insight and support and learn and develop theoretical models as a way of understanding their work. Crucially, it encourages the team to build their relationships with each other so that supportive work continues outside of the facilitated meeting.

The Reflective Practice workshops are facilitated by a Counsellor and Coach who has experience of working within the area of family law.

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