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Each year, Resolution runs a campaign designed to raise awareness of the work of its members. For Good Divorce Week 2020, the Resolution ‘Code of Practice’ forms the basis of the campaign.

Running from 30th November to 4th December, the week- long campaign is designed to raise awareness of why people getting divorced should choose a Resolution member to advise them, and the real value of taking early advice from a specialist.

Who is Resolution?

Resolution is a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way. Founded in 1982, Resolution was formed by a group of family lawyers who believed that a non-confrontational approach to family law issues would produce better outcomes for separating families and their children.

Over the decades, Resolution has maintained a commitment to a constructive way of working, reflected in its Code of Practice, and has over 6,500 members and over 1,200 accredited specialists.

Why is the Code of Practice important?

All Resolution members commit to the Code of Practice when they join. It promotes a constructive approach to family issues and considers the needs of the whole family, in particular the best interests of children.

The guiding principles behind the Code are the values that are embedded at Family Law Partners. By instructing a Resolution member to guide, advise and support you through your divorce, you can expect them to do the following things:

  • Listen to you, be honest with you and treat you with respect.
  • Explain all the options and give you confidence to make the right decisions.
  • Help you focus on what’s important in the long-term.
  • Help you balance financial and emotional costs with what you want to achieve.
  • Work with others to find the right approach and the best solutions for you.
  • Manage stress in what can be an already stressful situation.

Specialist Accreditation

The Resolution Specialist Accreditation scheme is a mark of excellence in practice, recognised by the public, members, the judiciary and the Legal Aid Agency. Resolution states that it ‘demonstrates the outstanding level of skills and expertise of the members who achieve accreditation’.

Family lawyers who have achieved Specialist Accreditation have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of law, procedure and practice. Their skills, proficiency and experience in specialist areas of family law are also assessed, making it one of the most thorough accreditations a family lawyer can be awarded.

Accredited Specialists must carry out ongoing training every year, and demonstrate that they have maintained an ongoing approach and commitment to your professional development. As active members of Resolution, Family Law Partners wholeheartedly believe in the importance of the Specialist Accreditation Scheme and are proud that four of our own lawyers are accredited.

If you would like any further advice regarding divorce, or any other family law issue, please contact us for a confidential discussion with a member of our team.

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