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Common myths around instructing a family lawyer

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As part of Good Divorce Week 2020, a campaign by Resolution designed to raise awareness of the work of its members and the benefits of appointing a Resolution Accredited Specialist, I highlight the common myths people have about instructing a family lawyer:

Instructing a family lawyers will mean I end up going to Court

The majority of family law cases do not involve contested court proceedings; however, sometimes these are sometimes unavoidable. Even if an agreement can’t be reached without intervention, there are other methods that can be used as an alternative to court. These are methods are known as alternative dispute resolution and include arbitration, collaborative law and mediation.

Family lawyers look for scandal and conflict to make a case more lucrative for them

Family lawyers genuinely care about their clients. Members of Resolution are committed to a Code of Practice, part of which requires lawyers to reduce or manage any conflict which may arise.

Family lawyers ‘always want to fight’ the other side

Resolution’s Code of Practice requires all members to act in a non-confrontational manner because fighting is rarely in anyone’s best interests. Aggression does not mean a high-quality service is being provided. A calm, logical approach is often a much better way of securing a sensible, fair outcome for everyone

All family lawyers are created equal – as long as a lawyer has ‘family law’ on their website profile, then they will do a good job of representing me

Choosing a family lawyer is a very personal choice. It is important that you have trust and confidence in their ability. As in any profession, not all family lawyers are the same. Some family lawyers are externally recognised as experts by achieving independent accreditations, such as those offered by Resolution or The Law Society. There are also other professional bodies who rank leading individuals and firms in family law, these are The Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners.

Family lawyers never call you back and it’s impossible to get through to them

It is true that we are sometimes in client meetings or attending court, but we will always call you back at the earliest opportunity.

The needs of my children will be considered secondary to the money side of things

Resolution members always support and encourage families to put the best interests of any children first. Every family is different and every child will react differently if their parents separate. The welfare of any children involved in a family dispute is always the first consideration of the Court.

Lawyers are all the same, there’s not much between them

This couldn’t be further from the truth and we encourage anyone looking to instruct a family lawyer to use a specialist team of experts. There are still generalist lawyers who ‘dabble’, and it goes without saying that a lawyer who does ‘a bit of conveyancing’ and ‘some commercial work’ as well as family work, cannot possibly have the same depth of expertise as a professional whose entire practice is in family law.

In addition, membership of Resolution is optional, not mandatory. By choosing a family law solicitor who is a member of Resolution, you can be sure that they are both highly skilled and dedicated to working to a standard that will help achieve the best outcome for you. Also, look out for other qualifications and accreditations. At Family Law Partners, our specialist team are committed to Dispute Resolution (DR) and we have 5 Mediators, 10 Collaborative Lawyers and an Arbitrator – together with a further 5 lawyers who are Accredited Specialists with Resolution – meaning that they have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of law, procedure and practice. This is one of the most thorough accreditations a family lawyer can be awarded.

To organise a confidential discussion with one of our Resolution accredited specialists please contact us.

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