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Our Agreeable Model – Utilising our mediation skills in a new way

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Launch of Agreeable

On the eve of No Fault Divorce in April 2022 we launched Agreeable, a new service for divorcing and separating couples.

No Fault Divorce fundamentally changed how the divorce process operates, meaning an end to the requirement that couples must assign blame in order to be granted a divorce.

Agreeable is an experience where a specialist family lawyer who is also a qualified mediator works together with a relationship coach, as a team, to deliver bespoke solutions for a divorcing couple by acting for them both.

Within Agreeable we collectively combine our specialist legal expertise and therapeutic support – led by our own in-house Director of Client Wellbeing, Kim Crewe – to provide a mechanism for divorcing couples to have the specialist emotional and legal support they need from one team with common goals.

When designing the Agreeable experience, we’ve taken enormous care to ensure that every aspect of the journey is bespoke and tailored to fit around the divorcing couples’ needs.

Regulated service

Agreeable has been developed in response to the public more frequently turning to unregulated services to assist them in relation to resolving financial issue arising as a result of divorce. These unregulated services have no central authority overseeing their activities, no one to check the competence of the services being offered, no one to check if one spouse is being bullied or manipulated by the other and no one to hold accountable when it all goes wrong.

The lawyers working in our Agreeable team are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to the highest professional standards. They also have valuable skill sets to their legal expertise: mediation, collaborative law and arbitration.


Integral to our service is our Director of Client Wellbeing, a therapist and family consultant that is embedded within our team, who helps undertake the initial and ongoing screening and safeguarding checks to assess whether the one lawyer/one couple model is suitable for the divorcing couple and if it is then works with the separating couple throughout the process alongside a one of our specialist family law lawyers who is also trained as a mediator. Within our service the separating couple also have the benefit of a team approach whereby another specialist family lawyer within the team will draft the consent order, providing an additional check and review.

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Agreeable is a new way to divorce - a specialist family lawyer and family consultant working together as a team to deliver bespoke solutions for you and your partner.

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