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Post-divorce checklist

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So, what now? As well as looking ahead to the future there are a number of practical steps and considerations to get to grips with (one client recently described this to us as ‘new life admin’).

You may have already dealt with some or all of the following, but we recommend you to take a moment to run through the list and tick them off.

    1. Your Will – remember, any financial provision to your former spouse will automatically be irrelevant and fail (unless your Will contemplated the Decree Absolute and made it clear it was to survive it). If you make a Will then marry, any Will made before then will be invalid unless made in contemplation of the marriage. If you need the name of someone to help you make a new Will please get in touch.
    2. Name – are you intending to change your name? If so, you will need to contact banks, doctors, dentists, utility companies, your pension provider, your employer (if relevant), the tax office etc. You would also need to apply for a new passport.
    3. Finances – are issues resolved and if there is an Order, has this been fully implemented for example, the closure of any joint bank accounts, the implementation of any pension share etc. If financial issues are not resolved you will need to seek advice and if you were not the petitioner do not re-marry without seeking legal advice.If there is an Order take time to review the Order and make diary notes on any key dates, for example if maintenance is to be varied or end in the future, the dates by which when you need to transfer any assets, etc. Are there still issues which need to be actioned e.g. closure or transfer of accounts, setting up or changing standing orders etc. Please do not forget to update your financial advisor and it may be a good time to update them or arrange a meeting with them to review matters.
    4. Change of address – if you have moved house, have you notified everyone you can think of? As well as utility companies and your mortgage lender and bank etc, don’t forget you will need to update the DVLA if you have a driving licence.
    5. Children – you may wish to update your children’s school or childcare provider with any changes, such as emergency contact details, addresses or arrangements for authorised persons to collect them.
    6. You – the end of divorce proceedings can stir up all manner of emotions, from relief and happiness, to sadness and reflection. It may be time to stop to reflect upon the impact the process has had on you. What do you want the future to look like and how can you achieve any goals you may set? It may be worthwhile considering some support (counselling/coaching) to get you through the next phase of your life.
    7. Feedback – have you completed our online end of case questionnaire? If not, we would really value your thoughts to help us improve how we work ( If you have, thank you!


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