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Something for the Week End – Friday 13th December

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Welcome to this week’s Something for the Weekend. We’re half way into our advent calendar and the festive spirit is mulling away nicely (at least it will be once we’ve cracked our shopping……).

Lisa: This week I have been preparing for a final hearing which will decide where my client’s children will reside. I have also drafted some proposals for settling a financial case and sorted out the immediate financial difficulties for a client who has very recently separated from her husband. I also met with a new client who desperately wants to avoid the ‘nastiness’ of divorce and is therefore considering the collaborative law process. One thing still to do…….Christmas shopping!

Linda: Meeting with a Scottish solicitor in Edinburgh to discuss cross jurisdiction applications, preparing for a financial hearing, governors meeting, preparing a financial form for exchange, dealing with unnecessary court applications made by the other side wasting time and money for my client, new mediation and agreed that I meet the child and receiving a report and discussing the consequences. Plus fitting in the odd carol service and choir concert.

Chris: This week I have been out of the office a lot attending Court, as well as preparing Brief’s for Counsel, and meeting with a new client to discuss the options that are available.

Alan: A big focus this week has been drafting a settlement agreement reached involving parties in England and Thailand. This followed an application to court in England for a child’s financial position to be considered where the intestacy rules meant the child received nothing from a deceased father’s estate.

Robert: With Mrs W away, collecting our middle child work and childcare has been juggled and my hat comes off to working parents who cope so well. Just about to press send on our Chambers and Partners 2015 submission and other than that (oh and settling an FDR in the week) the week has been a blur!

Have a cracking weekend everyone.


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