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Something for the Week End – Friday 14th February 2014

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Happy Valentines Day! The day to receive flowers, chocolates …. and maybe even a marriage proposal!

When planning your wedding, do you have ‘get a prenup’ at the top of your checklist? You would be forgiven for thinking that pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements are just for the rich and famous. In fact, they are suitable for most people entering a marriage or Civil Partnership. In Europe and the US Pre-Nuptial Agreements are the norm, but over here in England and Wales we have been far more reserved in bringing up the subject until recent years when more couples have secured a Pre-Nuptial Agreement. We have recently been advising several clients with their Pre-Nuptial Agreements (and Post-Nuptial Agreements) using the Collaborative Law model which has assisted greatly is discussing the issues with the couple present.

You can find out more about this service here but firstly read what the team have been up to this week:

Chris: This week I have been drafting a pre-nuptial agreement for a couple who are financially independent of one another, and wish to maintain this. On a personal note, I went to a midwife appointment with my wife on Thursday and got to hear our baby’s heartbeat for the first time and finally, but no less importantly, I have been admiring the new slippers that Deputy District Judge Williams has been wearing and using to ‘soft shoe shuffle’ around the office!

Alan: This week was all about drafting: Pre-nuptial agreements, consent orders, irrevocable heads of agreement. Fortunately for me, I was able to call upon my colleague, Chris, to help out. One of the benefits of being in a team.

Robert: After I drafted last week’s post I had a very difficult round table meeting, but the presence of a Family Consultant (a counsellor/psychotherapist) really helped keep the discussions moving forward. It was tough though! Attended a really positive meeting of BrightPod on Tuesday following by a constructive collaborative fourway on Wednesday.

Linda: Apart from barking like a hoarse dog because of a cough I have been working hard all week. Client to discuss his finances, new client to discuss finances for the future, talking with a client in Switzerland, meeting with another solicitor about a collaborative case and how this can progress, catching up with another client about ongoing court proceedings and the start of others and in court for a frustrating hearing.

Miriam: Alongside dealing with day-to-day client enquiries I’ve been finalising my Communications Plan presentation to put to the team next week. On a personal note looking forward to enjoying a meal for two tonight courtesy of Marks & Spencers!

Let us know over on Twitter or Facebook if you proposed this Valentine’s Day!


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