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Something for the Week End – Friday 22nd November

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Welcome to our 5th Something for the Week-End blog!

It’s been a busy week all round for Team FLP with lots of new enquiries from clients looking for advice and being particularly interested in collaborative law and mediation.

With Resolution’s second Family Dispute Resolution Week starting on Monday, there has been a lot of publicity on social media sites promoting alternative options for families going through separation without going to Court.

It’s not all about hard work in the office as the team are being let out to play at the Crimestoppers Speakeasy Spectacular at The Grand Hotel, Brighton this evening. We are all looking forward to this fundraising evening hosted by the international bestselling crime writer, Peter James. We will also be joined by Gerry Maye of Gerard Maye Legal.

Weekly update from the team:

Miriam: Busy week in the office getting ready for two upcoming FDRs and the day has finally arrived – after a year of organising, the Crimestoppers Speakeasy Spectacular is tonight so looking forward to an entertaining evening with the rest of the team and their partners.

Robert: This week has been a blur, again! Training at the Ministry of Justice yesterday was invaluable even with an overwhelming sense of irritation being in the building that is producing so much misery for lawyers! Team outing tonight should be fun.

Linda: Another interesting week – Meeting a former client for lunch, mediation with a delightful couple, judgement of a case in the High Court which also granted our client costs, meeting to progress a case that is in Court in a couple of weeks then hot footing it back to Eastbourne to see the end of my youngest daughter’s swimming gala, advising on a sensitive children case putting the focus back on the children, talking to a client who is in proceedings that he wanted to avoid and sorting out outfits for the charity dinner tonight that the whole team is attending. Phew!

Alan: A key focus this week has been to assist a client who had obtained an overseas divorce with an application for financial relief in the English Court, specifically a share of English based pension funds. For various reasons, an overseas divorce may fail to achieve fairness in the financial settlement so an application in the English jurisdiction, provided certain conditions are met, is possible.

Chris: This week I helped with the East Sussex Young Resolution ‘Race Night’ on Thursday which was an event supporting the children’s charity ‘Kids in the Middle’. As well as this I have been busy preparing Brief’s for Counsel for several upcoming hearings.

Lisa: A big focus has been on several children matters this week which has involved finalising a detailed statement for a dad in readiness for a final hearing to decide with whom his children will live; drafting and issuing a new application for a mum seeking a residence order for her children and trying to sort out the Christmas arrangements for two other families by recommending the assistance of a Mediator.

Mark: Movember is coming to the end of the third week and the ‘Furry Lipped Partners’ have raised £820 to date. Great effort team.

See you next week!


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