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Something for the Week End – Friday 24th January 2014

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One of the best things about working in family law is the close relationships we forge with our clients. This is how we approach the start of each week and coming to the end of the week knowing we’ve supported our clients makes it all worthwhile. Here’s how we’ve been supporting our clients this week:

Alan: My week has been dominated, again, by collaborative law meetings (where couples prefer to settle their issues face to face, rather than sling missiles at each other in court proceedings or via solicitors’ letters. A key focus at the moment is to effect the transfer of properties between spouses before the end of the tax year in April. A transfer after April is likely to incur a charge to tax. Couples who separate just before the end of the tax year do not leave much room for manoeuvre when it comes to mitigating the impact of capital gains tax. Something to bear in mind.

Linda: In court on a children matter, advising on another hearing, finalising documents to file at court and spending time talking with my delightful co-directors planning for the next year.

Robert: Really sad case this week which could and should have settled but it seemingly took the heat of the court waiting room before trial to get to the point where compromise was even seen as a possibility by the other party. In other news, I had a depressing first appointment on a financial remedy case. An ill prepared tribunal leading to questions being allowed that were thoroughly disproportionate to the issues in question and an opponent from the dark ages where even offering my hand and introducing myself was treated with suspicion. But on the bright side it looks like Juan Mata is joining the might red machine so all’s well that ends well!

Chris: This week I have spent a lot of time out of the office attending a Final Hearing at Wandsworth County Court and a First Directions Appointment at Brighton County Court.

Lisa: I have been involved in four-way meetings this week for two new collaborative law cases. Both sets of couples worked really hard despite there being some very emotive issues to deal with. In other news there have been offers and counter offers on a financial case that is very close to settling – emphasising the cost effectiveness of keeping it out of court has really focussed the parties on reaching a compromise. Tonight I am off to a fancy dress party as a policewoman with my husband dressed as a convict! (there will not be any photographic evidence I can assure you!)

Miriam: It’s been a short but busy 3 day week for me. Assisting with preparations for a final hearing and continuing to provide clients with ongoing support. The latter end of the week I’ve taken a few days off to spend with family.

Catch up with our news this time next week!


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