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Something for the Week End – Friday 29th November

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With Lucy being off this week I have been trusted with letting you all know about our week – and what a busy one it has been!

After months of planning, the Crimestoppers event that I helped organise took place last Friday evening and the whole team attended. It was a fantastic evening that raised lots of money for Crimestoppers (we do not yet have the final figure but will let you know what it is when it is announced). An auction took place towards the end of the night and we are so pleased to announce that we won the auction lot for Family Law Partners to feature in a Peter James book! As a fan of the crime books I can’t wait to see what Peter James has to write about us!

Most of this week has been spent promoting Resolution Family Dispute Resolution Week on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully the message is out there now to try to keep family matters out of the Courts. We will of course still be promoting this when the week ends.

Here’s what the team have been up to this week:

Robert: Getting the message out about DR week through twitter has been an important part of the week. The middle of the week was meant to be punctuated with a 2 day case I was judging. It settled on day one. The costs were disproportionate to the assets but the case was simply not suitable for an alternative to court. The rest of the week has been devoted to finalising agreements and dealing with the implementation of orders.

Chris: This week I have been mainly looking on with envy at Alan and Mark’s moustaches as they continue to flourish. However, I have also found time to review a CAFCASS report, prepare bundles for Counsel and draft documents for a First Appointment.

Lisa: Where has the week gone? Lots of social media activity for me this week to promote DR week as well as meeting with a new client who is eager to deal with his separation through the collaborative model. Hopefully the DR message is getting out there! Preparing for a meeting with a new client by researching the status of a dowry within a marriage and how it is affected by divorce proceedings.

Alan: Like the rest of the team I have been busy promoting Family Dispute Resolution Week. Alongside that I have been providing a second opinion for a client on advice given by another firm and getting down to some detailed drafting on a consent order between parents who were not married but wish to make provision for their children. And this is the last week for ‘Billy’, my hairy contribution to Movember – a stay of execution looks unlikely.

Linda: After recovering from the crimestoppers event last Friday telephone conference with client in Canada, drafting documents and preparing for a conference with Counsel, meeting two delightful new clients that needed urgent advice one on the safety of her daughter and the other to consider her financial needs for the future, drafting a financial Consent Order and considering the business ideas for the future

Mark: The Furry Lipped Partners have raised £1,016.00 to date for Movember which is excellent!




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