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How we support our family law consultants

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We understand that making the move from a traditional firm set-up to becoming a self-employed consultant is a big step. As well as being excited about working in a different, more flexible and rewarding way, you may be concerned about leaving some of the comforts behind.

When signing up to become a Consultant with Family Law Partners the preparation starts from the outset so that when your official date of joining arrives everything is in place to make sure that it is a seamless transition.

We have a checklist model, detailing every element that needs to be in place for your start date, and our team will support you to ensure everything is ticked off in time. The checklist includes regulatory and accountancy requirements, IT and functioning support and guidance on premises, to name a few. Training is also arranged for the first day, together with a meet the team lunch in the first week.

When arriving at Family Law Partners our Consultants are supported by our highly-experienced support team on a day-to-day basis. This includes any admin requirements, compliance, invoicing and debt recovery, banking and telephone answering when out of the office. The admin team are also at the end of a phone for any technical queries with the system you may have.

Technology is at the heart of how we work at Family Law Partners, we use the latest cloud-based system enabling our Consultants to access the system wherever you may be. We also provide round the clock assistance should any IT assistance be required, either on the system itself or hardware related. Our telephone system is VOIP so you will be added to the software to ensure ease of forwarding calls and seeing when a member of the core team is available/unavailable. We also provide Consultants with a direct dial number for your location.

As well as an innovative approach to technology we are serious about marketing, too. We work with a marketing consultancy team who organise all branded materials such as business cards and meet with Consultants in the first week of joining to prepare a bespoke individual marketing plan. They work closely with our Consultants on an ongoing basis, meeting at regular intervals to monitor how the plan is working. They will also prepare press releases and articles for local press and publications to ensure your arrival at FLP makes a real impact. They can support your use of social media and work closely with our digital team on SEO, analytics and conversions to maximise the number of enquiries and new business you will receive.

Our Consultants are joined to our internal communications tool Slack, to make sure that they are kept in touch with what is going on at Family Law Partners in all areas of the business such as Marketing, Expansion, Social Events, Business Planning and new team members. There is also a food channel as a number of the team are active foodies.

We meet with all the Consultants together on a quarterly basis to discuss progress, any areas of concern and to share ideas. We also take care to ensure our extended team are aware of the overall direction and strategy of the firm, and so we share our business plan at the start of the financial year and explain the focus for the year ahead. The Directors travel to each of our Consultants’ location on a monthly basis, to visit them in their work environment to provide further support. The whole team regularly get together for social events outside of the office, such as the annual Summer BBQ when everyone’s families also come along.

We pride ourselves on the support that we provide our Consultants. We have taken care to ensure that the support and mechanisms are in place to make your arrival with us not only smooth, but enjoyable. Our specialist Consultants are part of our family, we want to make sure they feel included and involved every step of the way.

If you’d like to receive more information about being a Consultant for Family Law Partners, or would like to arrange a time for an informal chat about taking your career in a new direction, please get in touch.

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