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April 2021 marks the 10 year anniversary of Family Law Partners. During these 10 years, we’ve worked hard to try and produce content on our blog about important issues in family law, jargon-free, to raise awareness of key topics and hopefully also provide some useful resources to those in need of information to try and help them find a way forward. With this in mind we have taken a look back and here is a breakdown of our top ten blogs (based on Google Analytics data of unique page views):

10. In what circumstances can I stop my ex-partner having contact? It’s no surprise really that this blog features in the top ten as this is a common question raised by many separated parents. The blog makes it clear that the simple answer to the question is that there are very few circumstances in which a child(ren) should be stopped from seeing their parent. The blog highlights some of the main issues that crop up that cause parents to be questioning whether contact should be stopped and how to address them, including differing parenting styles, emotions, an ex-partner being erratic with regards to committing to arrangements, the children not wanting to have contact and concerns over a parent being a risk to the children. The importance of determining matters based on what is in the best interests of the child is highlighted as being key.

9. Armed Forces Pensions on Divorce A niche but important topic is covered in this blog post (which is part one of a three part series). Given the complexity of this area of law this blog just skims the surface but provides some useful guidance on things to think about when dividing a military pension on divorce.

8. Can I change the locks during divorce? This clear, straight to the point, blog post helps clarify this frequently asked question raised by many people going through a divorce and looks at the situation if the property is owned jointly or in the sole name of one spouse and also if there is domestic abuse.

7. Impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on child and spousal maintenance payments Despite only being posted relatively recently this has made it’s way into the top 10 because no doubt as more and more jobs and businesses have been impacted by the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic, payers and recipients of child and spousal maintenance have understandably been worried, so have been searching for help online. The blog includes some practical tips to assist including: think about how to best manage the situation for the sake of any children, don’t bury your head in the sand, be empathic, see court as a last resort.

6. Property rights for unmarried couples This blog formed part of a series for Resolution’s national cohabitation awareness week to raise awareness about the lack of rights that exist for unmarried couples who live together. As well as addressing key questions that are often raised it also sets out some top tips to try and prevent disputes arising.

5. Domestic Abuse and divorce – the hidden issue in family law cases? This blog post looks at what domestic abuse means and who it is really happening to. Highlighting that domestic abuse is, unfortunately, taking place all around us and yet very few of us will be aware of it happening to our friends or family. The blog looks at some common threats that are often made by an abusive partner that make people feel like they can’t leave the relationship and how they are often untrue and that there are options and solutions available that provide protection.

4. Court proceedings relating to children – who should pay the costs? Generally, each party is liable to pay their own costs, however, there are circumstances where one party can be ordered to pay the costs of the other and this blog post looks at the legal basis for a costs order, how a judge decides whether a costs order is justified and also what you can do to save money on costs.

3. Length of marriage and divorce What is a long marriage? When is short marriage not a short marriage? Why is the length of marriage relevant? These are all questions that are looked at within this blog, which perhaps features so highly on the list of blogs that are most viewed due to both the rise in people getting divorced later in life and also marriages coming to an end sooner than perhaps traditionally was the case.

2. Unmarried parents – legal rights? This was written back in 2017 but is still relevant now and focuses in on parental responsibility and how if a father is not married to the mother of the child the father will not automatically have parental responsibility for the child.

1. And in at number one (with a total of 336,296 unique views and hundreds of comments!)….. Spousal maintenance – what is it? why do I have to pay it? how much and for how long? For want of a better phrase this blog post does what it says on the tin and addresses those pressing questions around spousal maintenance. Following on from this an update has been provided Spousal maintenance cases – where are we now? Which is also proving just as popular so will no doubt be featuring in the top 10 very soon!


I wonder what we will be blogging about over the next 10 years? If there any topics, in particular, you would like us to cover do let us know. If you need advice on any of the issues raised in the blogs mentioned above please do get in contact to arrange a consultation with one of our specialists.


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