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Video interview: A series on Collaborative Law

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Earlier in the year, BrightPOD welcomed lawyer, psychologist, mediator, and collaborative law practitioner Stephen H. Sulmeyer, J.D., Ph.D to deliver a session to its members.

In a series of videos published by BrightPOD for Dispute Resolution Week, Stephen provides his expert insight on Collaborative Law and what this process delivers by way of benefits to clients.

In the first video Stephen explains what Collaborative Law is all about:


Watch the other videos in the series:

  • Is Collaborative Law suitable for everyone? Watch the video
  • Dealing with emotions: How does the collaborative process cope with the strong emotions within family law? Watch the video
  • Balancing emotional and legal issues: Should clients go into the collaborative process expecting to deal with the emotional issues as much as the legal issues?
    Watch the video
  • Putting the client in control: Would a collaborative law client expect to retain control of the process? Watch the video
  • Would you recommend the collaborative process to your best friend? Watch the video

About BrightPOD:

The home of Collaborative Family Law in Brighton & Hove and Sussex.

BrightPOD are a group of specialist family lawyers in Sussex who are all committed to the Collaborative Family Law process, and who are all trained and qualified Collaborative lawyers.

All BrightPOD lawyers are trained by Resolution – First for Family Law. They can help you negotiate agreements in advance of forming a marriage or Civil Partnership, help you resolve issues concerning your family home or issues concerning your children following a separation. BrightPOD works together with couples to resolve disputes by negotiating constructively,minimising conflict and focusing on what is important to you.

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