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Cohabitation Awareness Week 2019

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Cohabitation Awareness Week 2019

Resolution’s Cohabitation Awareness Week runs from 25th to 29th November and aims to raise awareness about the lack of rights that exist for unmarried couples who live together. With more than 7 million people in the UK living in this type of relationship, cohabitation is the fastest growing family type in the country.

Cohabitation Myths and Truths

In a new series, our expert team dispel some of the most common myths surrounding cohabitation.

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No such thing as common law marriage

Lisa Burton-Durham explains what you can do to protect yourself and your family

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Children – financial rights for unmarried parents

We explain the financial rights of unmarried parents when it comes to children. Including who pays child maintenance, what it covers and how it is calculated.

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What happens when it goes wrong for unmarried couples?

Lisa Burton-Durham explains the laws for separating cohabiting couples.

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Why Cohabiting couples should avoid the Court

Why court should be avoided for cohabiting couples and what your other options are.

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Case Studies: Unmarried v’s Married

Chris Maulkin highlights two different scenarios of couples separating, in scenario A they are unmarried (cohabiting) and in scenario B they are married.

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Property rights for unmarried couples

What rights do couples who choose to live together without getting married or entering into a civil partnership have when it comes to property?

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Meet our Cohabitation Team

Our team of experts are highly experienced in all issues relating to cohabitation, including cohabitation agreements, post and pre nuptial agreements and helping to resolve disputes should a relationship end.

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