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Our solicitors in Brighton are recognised as experts in family law by Resolution, Chambers UK and the Legal 500. The team comprises nine collaborative lawyers, three mediators and an arbitrator. Our expert family law solicitors offer comprehensive guidance on all aspects of family and relationship breakdown, with a specific emphasis on divorce and intricate financial matters.

Our family solicitors possess extensive experience in handling cases involving mental health concerns, business assets, inherited wealth, trust assets, and pension funds. Our Brighton office, situated in a convenient location, takes pride in providing effective solutions and alternatives to court proceedings for individuals going through separation or divorce.

We prioritise utilising alternative dispute resolution methods, such as family mediation and collaborative law, to achieve favourable outcomes. From our office in Brighton, we advise clients across East and West Sussex.

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About Family Law Partners

Our expert team is highly experienced in traditional ways of resolving family disputes, however what makes us different is our ability to offer real alternatives. We are committed to a solution-focused approach, using alternative ways of resolving matters such as mediation, arbitration and the collaborative model, to minimise both the emotional and financial cost to your family.

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Our specialist team of family lawyers are externally recognised by Resolution, Chambers UK, Legal 500 and the Law Society. In 2023 we were winners of the Legal Business Awards 2023 - Private Client Team of the Year, which was an important moment in our team’s history.

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We offer flexible funding options to cover our family law fees, including Agreed Fees and Litigation Funding where appropriate. Please get in touch to find out more.


Our divorce solicitors in Brighton understand that going through a separation can be one of the most difficult times in your life and can emotionally and psychologically impact the whole family. This is why our specialist Family Solicitors try and keep you out of court as much as possible by offering a variety of dispute resolution options, which help to reduce conflict and resolve issues quickly and cost-effectively – causing less stress during an already difficult time. Our specialist family law team includes Family Mediators, Collaborative Lawyers and an Arbitrator, and are recognised by Chambers & Partners and The Legal 500.

Civil Partnership Dissolution

Our civil partnership dissolution solicitors in Brighton know well that the process of civil partnership dissolution is often very challenging and can have significant emotional and psychological effects on the individual and their loved ones. To help reduce the burden during this difficult time, our solicitors are at hand to provide a large range of dispute resolution alternatives in order to minimise the chance of Court proceedings. We aim to reduce conflict, expedite issue resolution, and keep costs low. Our esteemed family law team comprises of Family Mediators, Collaborative Lawyers, and an Arbitrator, with recognition from Chambers & Partners and The Legal 500.


Our separation solicitors in Brighton have years of experience helping couples to navigate the separation process. We take a personalised approach when it comes to our client’s cases and work diligently to ensure that your preferred outcome is achieved.

Our expert Family Solicitors will always try to keep you out of court whenever possible by offering various options to resolve disputes. This helps reduce conflicts and sort issues out quickly without costing a lot of money, making this difficult time a little less stressful. Our family law team includes Family Mediators, Collaborative Lawyers, and an Arbitrator, who have all earned recognition from Chambers & Partners and The Legal 500.

Financial Issues

Financial issues during a divorce, separation or dissolution can be difficult to navigate. Our specialist team of divorce solicitors in Brighton will guide you through any financial issues, in a sensitive and cost-effective way. We recommend the use of Mediation and/or the Collaborative process to ensure you and your ex-partner remain in control of your situation and reduce any conflict occurring. We can also sign-post you to experts, including independent financial advisors, pension, tax, investment and retirement planning experts.


Arrangements for children following divorce and separation are still commonly known as ‘child custody’, however today there is no such legal term. Ensuring your children are happy throughout a divorce or separation is more often than not the primary concern for parents. Our specialists in Brighton work with you on a solution-focused approach to arrangements for your children, including who they live with and who they see.

We can help you with a Child Arrangement Order, Specific Issue Order, Prohibited Steps Order, Parental Responsibility, Special Guardianship Orders and Financial Orders for the benefit of children.

We also advise on child relocation whether this is within the UK or abroad and child abduction issues.

Cohabitation Agreements

When a couple chose to cohabit or live together and not marry, this changes how separation is dealt with as ‘common law marriage’ doesn’t exist. Our specialist team can guide you through the separation process and recommend the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods like Mediation and the Collaborative process. These methods are designed to reduce conflict and keep everyone in control of their individual situation.

A couple doesn’t need to be at the end of their relationship to seek advice from a specialist family lawyer. If they decide to live together and not get married, we can help with cohabitation arrangements or ‘living together’ agreements which will cover what would happen in the event the couple were to separate. For example, what would happen to the individual interests in a property, other financial support, and arrangements for children.

Our cohabitation agreements solicitors are experts in this area of law and will be sure to answer any queries you may have.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is designed to protect assets in the event of a divorce, separation or dissolution. Before a couple gets married it’s a good idea to put in place a prenuptial agreement, especially if the distribution of assets between the couple is uneven. Our specialist prenuptial agreement solicitors will put together a bespoke document from an open, honest and constructive conversation ensuring everyone is happy with the approach moving into the marriage. Our Brighton Collaborative Lawyers can help with a solution-focused, non-adversarial approach to putting in place a prenuptial agreement.

Postnuptial Agreements

A postnuptial agreement is put in place after a marriage or civil partnership has taken place and is much the same as a prenuptial agreement. There are a few different types of documents you can put in place including postnuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements and declarations of trust. The Collaborative process can also assist with postnuptial agreements.

Family Mediation

Our specialist Family Mediators in Brighton are highly experienced in Family Mediation. Mediation provides a safe and constructive forum for discussion and if successful, can help parties to feel empowered about the choices they make about their futures. Our Family Mediators in Brighton use their skill set to ensure that the discussion is balanced and that both parties have a voice in the process and Mediation can be conducted at a pace that suits you. Mediation can also take place using the Hybrid Model in which the Mediator can hold confidences and your lawyer can play a more active role in the process. Mediation can also be with two mediators; this is known as Co-Mediation. Co-Mediation is offered by our Brighton-based Family Mediators.

Family dispute resolution

Our team of family dispute resolution solicitors are here to help you navigate through challenging times with compassion and expertise. We understand that family issues can be emotionally charged, and we strive to find the most amicable and efficient solutions for you. Our focus is on reducing conflicts and avoiding the court system whenever possible. With a range of dispute resolution options at our disposal, including mediation and collaborative approaches, we aim to resolve your family matters with sensitivity and care. You can trust our experienced family dispute resolution solicitors to guide you through this difficult process, ensuring a smoother and more peaceful resolution for all parties involved.

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