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Cohabitation Solicitors in Brighton

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Cohabitation Solicitors in Brighton

Our expert cohabitation agreement solicitors in Brighton provide advice and representation for individuals in respect of all aspects of cohabitation.

We deal solely with family law issues, meaning we have an exceptionally in-depth understanding of the law in this area and a high level of experience in representing clients. We have particular expertise in dealing with high net worth cases and complex disputes.

Our team includes mediators and trained collaborative lawyers and we always aim to deal with matters with a minimum of conflict.

Our cohabitation solicitors’ services in Brighton

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Our award-winning team

Our experienced cohabitation solicitors in Brighton are recognised by leading legal directories Chambers UK and the Legal 500. We hold Law Society accreditation and in 2019 we won the Medium Law Firm of the Year award at the Law Society Excellence Awards.

We have expert lawyers in our team who are members of Resolution, the family law group committed to resolving issues with minimal conflict.

Some of our solicitors are trained collaborative lawyers and family mediators and provide expert representation in alternative dispute resolution.

Expert guidance and representation

We know that speaking to a family lawyer can be a big step and we offer an initial telephone conversation so that you can explore your options with no obligation to take matters further unless and until you want to.

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Our Brighton cohabitation lawyers’ fees

We offer a range of funding options for our cohabitation solicitors’ fees. In some cases, we are able to provide our services on the basis of Agreed Fees or Litigation Funding, if appropriate. Please contact us to find out more.

Cohabitation agreements

A cohabitation agreement for unmarried partners is always recommended for couples who are living together or will be living together in the future. It can help you avoid misunderstandings and set out clearly your financial situation.

As a cohabiting partner, you will not have the same rights as a married person, however long you live with someone. This could mean that you end up in financial difficulties if you were to give up your career to care for children or you were to live in a shared property, but your name is not on the title deeds.

By putting a cohabitation agreement in place, you can consider with your partner how you want to arrange your finances, including who will be responsible for bills and how your assets will be split, should you ever separate.

Cohabitation agreements can help you both be open and honest from the start and reduce the risk of disputes arising in the future, as both parties will understand their rights and liabilities.

Our cohabitation agreement solicitors in Brighton can work with you to identify what issues to include and draft a bespoke agreement tailored to your needs.

We can also review and advise on a cohabitation agreement if you have been given one to sign. Where necessary, we can negotiate the terms on your behalf.

Cohabitation dispute resolution

If you are involved in a dispute with your partner over a legal issue such as property, finances or children, our solicitors for cohabitation agreements in Brighton can give you advice and guidance.

It is often the case that involving a family law expert early on can prevent a situation from escalating. Our team are all skilled in resolving disputes with as little conflict as possible and we will work with you to identify possible solutions.

Where necessary, we can support and represent you in alternative dispute resolution, including family mediation, collaborative law and arbitration to try and find an acceptable outcome without the need for litigation.

Separation for unmarried couples

If you are separating from your partner, there are likely to be legal issues to be resolved, including:

Speaking to an experienced solicitor about cohabitation laws and how to approach the separation process can be helpful in reducing both the stress and potential conflict of the situation.

Our team routinely advises cohabitees on their cohabitation rights, and we can provide the guidance you need to navigate what is likely to be a difficult period.

If you have a legally binding cohabitation agreement in place, we can represent you in ensuring that its terms are followed and that you secure everything that you are entitled to.

We have a strong track record of success in dealing with issues out of court, even those that are complex and contentious. We can advise you on using alternative dispute resolution if it is not possible to deal with your separation by way of negotiation.

Where necessary, we also provide robust court representation.

Cohabitation law FAQs

What goes in a cohabitation agreement?

If you ask a cohabitation agreement lawyer to create a bespoke agreement, you can include what you want in respect of your property and finances. Clauses commonly used in cohabitation agreements include:

  • How the mortgage, rent and other outgoings will be dealt with
  • What will happen if one of you wants to sell your property
  • How you will agree on a valuation for a shared property if one of you will be buying out the other’s share
  • How property will be dealt with if you separate
  • How other assets will be split if you separate
  • How financial and property matters will be dealt with if you have children, particularly if one party gives up their career to care for them

Is a cohabitation agreement legally binding?

A cohabitation agreement is legally binding, provided that it is correctly drafted and executed as a deed. You should also make full financial disclosure to each other and take independent legal advice before signing.

It is also important that the cohabitation contract does not adversely affect any children of either party.

If your circumstances change, you should review your cohabitation agreement and, where necessary, take advice on putting a new, updated agreement in place.

Insights for cohabiting couples from our experts

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