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Kate Elliott, Rachel Nicholl, Hannah Viet, Victoria Burrows, Polly Dallyn, Charlotte Plowman, Eleanor Pollard and Mimi Hadley are our family law specialist solicitors in Horsham. Experts in family law, the team supports clients in finding solutions and alternatives to court when separating or divorcing. Kate and Gemma are also Resolution trained Mediators.

We have offices in central Horsham where we can arrange to see you. We also advise clients in Billingshurst, Godalming, Cranleigh, Guildford, Crawley and surrounding areas.

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About Family Law Partners

Our expert team is highly experienced in traditional ways of resolving family disputes, however what makes us different is our ability to offer real alternatives. We are committed to a solution-focused approach, using alternative ways of resolving matters such as mediation, arbitration and the collaborative model, to minimise both the emotional and financial cost to your family.

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Our specialist team of family lawyers are externally recognised by Resolution, Chambers UK, Legal 500 and the Law Society. In 2023 we were winners of the Legal Business Awards 2023 - Private Client Team of the Year, which was an important moment in our team’s history.

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We offer flexible funding options to cover our family law fees, including Agreed Fees and Litigation Funding where appropriate. Please get in touch to find out more.

Divorce and Separation

Our divorce and separation solicitors in Horsham will guide you through your options if you are separating from your spouse/partner and the court process is just one of them. Within the Horsham team, we have mediators and collaborative lawyers who are also expert family law solicitors, who can provide you with alternative dispute resolution options, such as mediation and the collaborative process. These alternatives are effective ways of resolving family law issues that don’t involve the court process.

Our specialist solicitors understand the impact a divorce has on the whole family and work with other experts, for example, counsellors and family consultants, to minimise the emotional impact this time in your lives has on individual members of the family.

Financial Issues

We understand the financial issues that may arise during your divorce or separation and work with you to establish the best outcome for you and your family. Again, we encourage the use of mediation and the collaborative process to resolve matters without the need for court intervention. We also work with independent advisors, such as financial advisors and pension experts, to ensure a practical and cost-effective solution is achieved.


Our specialist family solicitors in Horsham will work with you to establish a way forward that is in the best interests of the children in the family following a divorce, separation or dissolution, this can include where the children live and who they see and when. These sorts of arrangements are often (incorrectly) referred to as ‘child custody’, however in reality there is no such legal term.

Going through any relationship breakdown is a very emotional time and agreeing how and when parents may each spend time with their children will be at the forefront of parents’ minds. Fortunately, most parents are able to agree the arrangements for their children without too much difficulty by talking and finding a solution together. This may be with assistance from a third party such as a mediator or within the collaborative process. If this is not the case we can work with you on making an application to the court for an order, including a Child Arrangement Order.

As well as helping with child arrangements after a divorce or separation, our team can also help with child relocation issues, such as if you or your ex-partner are planning to move abroad or elsewhere in the UK with your child(ren). We will work with you on what you need to do next whether it’s you moving away or your co-parent planning to move away with your child(ren).

Living Together

When a couple chose to live together or cohabit, as some people refer to it, and not get married they do not have the same rights as married couples. We can assist with cohabitation agreements, which address what would happen in the event the relationship was to break down, for example, if a property was owned the cohabitation agreement would consider how would this be dealt with. We can also help with resolving issues, such as those involving children or finances if the relationship breaks down without a cohabitation agreement in place.

Prenuptial agreements

Our team of family solicitors in Horsham can help with putting in place a prenuptial agreement to ensure you are protected if your marriage or civil partnership was to break down. This is a bespoke document that reflects your individual situation.

Postnuptial agreements

A postnuptial agreement is a document put in place after a marriage or civil partnership has taken place, this outlines what would happen if the marriage or civil partnership was to break down. Our Horsham team of family law solicitors are experts at postnuptial agreements and will work with you on a solution-focussed approach to putting in place an agreement that works for you and your unique situation.

Family Mediation

Our family mediators in Horsham will skillfully guide you through your discussions to find a way forward after a divorce or separation, whether this is with arrangements for children or financial issues. Mediation is a process that encourages open and honest communication and family law mediators will ensure that the conversations are balanced and that everyone has a voice during the process.  Our mediators in Horsham will give you guidance and information to assist you to find an outcome that works for you and your family and which would be in the court’s discretion to approve

Collaborative Law

The collaborative law process is very different from the court, it works by way of a series of four-way meetings with you and your ex-partner/spouse alongside your family law solicitors. During the process, our collaborative lawyers in Horsham will meet with you to establish a way forward and the best solutions for you and your family, whether this is following a divorce, separation, civil partnership dissolution or to put in place a cohabitation, prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. At the start of the collaborative process, we will all sign a participation agreement that states that we won’t be taking the particular issues involved to court. The collaborative law process is flexible and ensures you are in control of your separation, divorce, dissolution or when putting in place legal documents such as prenuptial agreements.