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Cohabitation Solicitors in Horsham

If you are cohabiting or thinking of cohabiting, our experienced cohabitation solicitors in Horsham can give you the advice and representation you need. We deal with all aspects of cohabitation, from cohabitation agreements to disputes and separation.

Our firm is a specialist family law practice, meaning that all of our practitioners have a particularly high level of expertise in family law issues. We are experienced in a full range of cohabitation matters, with a particular understanding of the complexities of high value cases and non-traditional family structures.

If you are going through a relationship breakdown following cohabitation, we can represent you during this difficult time, ensuring that you have the advice and support you need. We aim to deal with matters out of court wherever possible and can guide you through alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or collaborative law.

Expert advice and representation from cohabitation agreement solicitors in Horsham

Our cohabitation solicitors’ services in Horsham

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Our award-winning team

Our cohabitation solicitors in Horsham are noted for their expertise in both of the country’s leading legal directories, Chambers UK and the Legal 500. We hold Law Society accreditation and in 2019 we were the winners of the Medium Law Firm of the Year award at the Law Society Excellence Awards.

We place strong emphasis on resolving matters without litigation wherever possible and our team includes members of Resolution, the national group of family lawyers committed to minimising conflict in separation.

We also have solicitors who are experienced mediators and trained collaborative lawyers who can help you deal with the legal issues surrounding relationship breakdown without the need for court action.

Expert advice and recommendation

We offer an initial no-obligation telephone discussion so that you can ask us any preliminary questions that you have. You will find our team to be approachable and understanding and we will always do our best to make matters as stress-free as possible for you.

Our Horsham cohabitation lawyers’ fees

We offer flexible funding options for our cohabitation solicitors’ fees. We are able to take on some work on an Agreed Fee or Litigation Funding basis. Please contact us to find out more.

Cohabitation agreements

Unmarried couples have far fewer rights than married couples, particularly when it comes to separation. Having a cohabitation agreement for unmarried partners can help protect you financially and give you some certainty for the future.

It can also reduce the risk of misunderstandings or disputes arising between you and your partner if you have set out clearly from the start how your property and finances will be dealt with, both while you are together and if your relationship ends.

An experienced cohabitation agreement lawyer will be able to advise you on whether an agreement is right for your circumstances and draft a bespoke contract tailored to your needs. It can include issues such as liability for bills and debts and what will happen to property and other assets, should you separate.

Our cohabitation solicitors in Horsham can draw up an agreement on your behalf or give you independent advice on an agreement if you have been asked to sign one. We can also negotiate the terms, where necessary, to ensure that they are in your best interests.

Cohabitation dispute resolution

Resolving legal disputes promptly can prevent matters from escalating and damaging a relationship irreparably. Our solicitors for cohabitation agreements in Horsham have extensive expertise in reducing conflict in disagreements and finding acceptable solutions out of court.

We have the understanding to suggest potential solutions to difficulties and we can work with you to ensure that a cohabitation dispute does not degenerate.

We are trained in alternative methods of dispute resolution, providing advice and guidance that can help you avoid court. Our services include representation in family mediation, collaborative law and arbitration.

Separation for unmarried couples

If your relationship is ending and you will be separating from your partner, we can provide the advice you need to protect yourself and your family and, where necessary, enforce your cohabitation rights as set out in your cohabitation agreement.

Having the support of experienced cohabitation solicitors will ensure that crucial aspects of your separation are dealt with properly, such as splitting assets and issues relating to children.

We always work to resolve matters out of court where possible. Our solicitors are trained in a range of alternative dispute resolution options and we can advise you of the best approach for your circumstances.

Where it is not possible to resolve matters without litigation, we will prepare a strong case for court and ensure that you are represented by an expert cohabitation advocate.

Cohabitation law FAQs

What rights do I have as a cohabitee?

Cohabitation laws are very limited. If you were to split up from your partner, you will only usually be entitled to have the assets that are in your name. This means that if your name is not on the title deeds to a shared property, you might not have any right to it, unless you can show that it was intended that you have an interest in it. You would need to make a claim under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (TOLATA), which is not always straightforward.

It is far better to put a cohabitation agreement in place, clearly setting out your interests. This can also help you both understand what rights and liabilities you are taking on and reduce the risk of misunderstandings and disagreements between you.

What is included in a cohabitation agreement?

We work with clients to create a legally binding cohabitation agreement to suit their unique requirements. A cohabitation contract can include details of the way in which you want to deal with assets and liabilities when you are living together as well as if you separate.

Clauses that are frequently included are:

  • Who will be responsible for the mortgage or rent
  • How other outgoings will be dealt with when you live together
  • What will happen to property that you own, including property in one party’s sole name, should you separate
  • What will happen to your assets, should you separate
  • Whether any allowance will be made if one party gives up their career to care for children
  • What payments will be made to support children
  • Who owns any pets that you have

Is a cohabitation agreement legally binding?

A cohabitation agreement will be legally binding on both parties provided that it is drafted as a deed and correctly executed.

You will need to make full financial disclosure to each other before signing and also take independent legal advice.

The agreement will need to be fair and neither of you should have been placed under undue influence or coerced to sign it.

Should I review my cohabitation agreement?

You are strongly advised to review your cohabitation agreement from time to time and in view of any major life changes, such as having children or receiving an inheritance. If you would like changes or you do not yet have a cohabitation agreement, contact one of our solicitors for cohabitation agreements in Horsham and we will be happy to help you.

Insights for cohabiting couples from our experts

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