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Prenuptial Agreement Solicitors in Horsham

Getting married or entering a civil partnership is a momentous occasion for the majority of people. However, many people enter marriages or civil partnerships without a comprehensive understanding of what happens to their finances when doing so, as well as what will happen to their finances and assets should they get a divorce later down the line.

Practically speaking, this means that the majority of people are unaware that when you get married, any assets accrued throughout the marriage will typically be treated as if they were in one marital pot. In the event of a divorce, a court would look to split this marital pot with a ratio of 50:50 being the goal, of course with fairness being the overarching principle.

Thankfully, people are becoming more and more aware of this fact, which is the reason that prenuptial agreements are growing in popularity. Prenuptial agreements are legal documents that are drafted by solicitors, outlining how you as a couple would like your assets to be treated in the event of a divorce or civil partnership dissolution. Our solicitors are experts in prenuptial agreement law and are available to assist you with any enquiries you may have.

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Our prenuptial agreement solicitors in Horsham have been recognised for their expertise in both of the country’s leading directories, Chambers UK and the Legal 500. As a firm, we hold Law Society accreditation and have won numerous awards including Private Client Team of the Year, Family Law Firm of the Year (South) and Medium Law Firm of the Year.  We are included in The Times Best Law Firms 2024.

Our solicitors focus on settling matters outside of court where possible, with two of our team being members of Resolution, a national group of lawyers who are united in their commitment to reducing conflict during separations.

Our team also includes solicitors who are trained in mediation, arbitration and collaborative law, which are both effective methods of alternative dispute resolution.

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Our solicitors provide an initial no-obligation telephone discussion, allowing you to ask us any questions that you may have. Our team are friendly and sympathetic, aiming always to reduce your stress in any way we can.

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We offer flexible funding options for our prenuptial agreement solicitors’ fees. We are able to take on some work on an Agreed Fee or Litigation Funding basis. Please contact us to find out more.

Prenuptial Agreements

At Family Law Partners, our prenuptial agreement solicitors have extensive experience in drafting prenuptial agreements that truly reflect the wishes of both you and your partner, providing you with security for the future, as well as helping you to protect any premarital assets.

Our solicitors can assist you in creating a personalised prenuptial agreement to fit your needs. We will work with you to ensure that this prenup is an accurate reflection of your wishes, whilst providing guidance on how to disclose your financial information so the agreement is accurate. Once we have written the initial draft, we will then meticulously review it and make sure you have a solid understanding of its contents before asking you to sign it.

Frequently asked questions

How does a prenuptial agreement work?

Prenuptial agreements function as a legal document describing how you and your partner would like any pre-existing assets, as well as any assets you may accrue together in the future to be treated if you later choose to get divorced. Essentially, it creates a framework for how your assets and debts will be divided should you split up later in life. The benefits of a prenup are that they provide transparency between your partner and yourself, as you will both be required to provide full financial disclosure.

In the unfortunate event of a divorce, they can also save you both money and time, as there will be a pre-existing framework outlining how your assets and debts will be split, sparing the need for lengthy litigation proceedings and ridding your relationship of any uncertainty.

Are prenuptial agreements legally binding?

Whilst prenuptial agreements are not presently legally binding in the UK, they are often taken into account by the court as a circumstance of the case, as per Granatino v Radmacher 2010, which determined that prenuptial agreements are to be given significant weight during financial proceedings, as long as all parties entered into the agreement of their own free will and that the judge concludes that the agreement is fair.

Where can I get a prenuptial agreement?

We highly recommend working with an experienced prenup solicitor when considering a premarital agreement as these documents require a depth of legal knowledge to be crafted securely. It is possible to purchase a document online, however, these will not be bespoke or tailored to your specific circumstances and have a much lower likelihood of being considered during court proceedings.

How long does a prenuptial agreement last?

For a prenup agreement to be legally binding, it must be deemed ‘reasonable and fair’. Therefore, it is vital that the prenuptial agreement be reviewed, and if needed, altered should there be any significant changes in your circumstances. These changes can include the birth of a child, a change in economic status, one part becoming unemployed and more. It is also highly recommended that the prenup is reviewed by an experienced solicitor every 5 years in consideration of any changes in the law.

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