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Divorce Solicitors in London

At Family Law Partners, our divorce solicitors in London understand that divorce is one of the most unsettling periods a person can go through in their lifetime and that as well as dealing with the practical side of things there are often a myriad of emotions and other issues that need to be dealt with.

At Family Law Partners, our divorce solicitors in London understand that divorce is one of the most unsettling periods a person can go through in their lifetime and that as well as dealing with the practical side of things there are often a myriad of emotions and other issues that need to be dealt with.

We also know that clients are, understandably, concerned about the cost of divorce and so a key feature of our service is to help clients understand their options and to reduce the financial impact of divorce, as well as the emotional impact.

When it comes to taking the first step and talking to a divorce solicitor, our expert team will advise you on the best way to proceed, whether you can start divorce proceedings and when (and if) those proceedings should be issued. We will help you in drafting all the relevant documents and advise on a strategy and likely outcomes. We will also bring in other experts to work alongside us if, and when, required to ensure you have the best advice and knowledge going forward.

Services provided by our divorce solicitors

Dealing with finances is often one of the main concerns for separating couples. Considerations about what should happen to the family home, how other assets should be divided and whether maintenance should be paid, by one spouse/civil partner to the other as well as to the children, can be overwhelming. As divorce law experts, our experience is that most separating couples are able to reach an outcome regarding finances without the need for contested court proceedings. There are various process options available including mediation, the collaborative process, solicitor led negotiation, early neutral evaluation, and arbitration, that can save time, reduce costs and stress, and achieve long-lasting solutions.

Our team of divorce solicitors in London specialise in the following aspects of divorce:

  • Divorce settlements
  • Civil partnership dissolution
  • Child law
  • No fault divorce
  • International divorce
  • Businesses and divorce
  • Pensions and divorce
  • Foreign assets and divorce
  • Alternative dispute resolution

As one of the best divorce solicitors in London, we have extensive experience in advising high net worth individuals where there may be substantial assets including pensions, shares, trusts, investments, and private companies to factor into the divorce case.

All our divorce solicitors are members of Resolution, and are committed to a Code of Practice, part of which requires lawyers to reduce or manage any conflict which may arise.

By instructing a divorce solicitor who is a member of Resolution, you can be sure that they are both highly skilled and dedicated to working to a standard that will help achieve the best outcome for you. Other qualifications and accreditations are also important when choosing a divorce solicitor. At Family Law Partners, our divorce law solicitors in London are committed to Dispute Resolution (DR) and our team has 11 Mediators, 12 Collaborative Lawyers (including a Child Inclusive Mediator) and an Arbitrator – together with a further 5 lawyers who are Accredited Specialists with Resolution – which means that they have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of law, procedure and practice. This is one of the highest accreditations a divorce and family law solicitor can be awarded.

What is divorce?

Divorce in effect means the end to a legal marriage. In order to get divorced in England and Wales, either or both parties to a marriage apply to the court for an order which dissolves the marriage on the basis that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.

As of 6 April 2022, the new law on no fault divorce came into force. Under the new law, separating couples are no longer required to rely on one of the ‘five facts’ to prove the ground for divorce – the irretrievable breakdown of the relationship. Instead, the new law encourages a more constructive approach to separation, promoting reconciliation and reflection where possible.

Under the new system, the divorce application only has to state that there has been an irretrievable breakdown – no proof is required. As long as both parties agree to get divorced, the judge will grant the application without considering the reasons.

The law was changed because it was seen as outdated with the potential to cause arguments at the outset. In many divorce cases, the couple have simply drifted apart and there is no one to blame. Family Law Partners, your local divorce solicitors, are specialists in the new no fault divorce system and can assist with your case.

How to get a divorce

There are various steps involved in the divorce procedure. The legal requirements for divorce are that in order to start divorce proceedings, you will need to show that you have been married for one year or more. You will need to include a statement declaring the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage within the divorce application process.

Filing for divorce – To start divorce proceedings, a single or joint divorce application must be sent to your local family court. Within the application, you must include a ‘statement of irretrievable breakdown’ in order to confirm that the relationship has run its course.

At this stage, it’s usually a good idea to get advice from a specialist divorce lawyer to ensure all of the correct details are included in the application, which can help save time. Our divorce law solicitors in London can provide this service.

Responding to a divorce application – If your spouse makes a sole application for divorce, you will be notified by the relevant court and must reply within 14 days with an ‘acknowledgement of service’ form.

Conditional order – The conditional order is a legal document issued by a court establishing that there is no barrier to your divorce.

After the divorce application has been issued, there is a minimum 20-week cooling off period before you can apply for the conditional order. This has been introduced as part of the no fault divorce laws and aims to give couples time to consider their decision and make any necessary choices.

Final order – Once a conditional order has been granted, you will need to wait at least 6 weeks, and you can then apply for a final order. Once a court issues you with a final order, your marriage is officially over. 

How long does a divorce take?

A divorce takes a minimum of 26 weeks (6 months) to finalise from beginning to end, but more often than not, this can take longer due to the administration involved, delays with the court, and the time taken to sort out children and/or financial matters.

By correctly preparing for and carrying out each step, you can give yourself the best chance of a smooth, fast and cost-effective divorce that protects your interests. As a specialist family law firm, Family Law Partners can assist you to progress your divorce smoothly and efficiently.

Is it best to use a solicitor for divorce?

You can get divorced without using a solicitor and there is no requirement to instruct a solicitor, however it is highly recommended that you take legal advice.

Instructing a specialist family and divorce solicitor to carry out the work on your behalf is strongly advised so that the process can be completed as efficiently and effectively as possible. Having that expert advice from the outset also means that delays in finalising the process can be reduced and ultimately, your best interests can be considered by a lawyer throughout.

Our local divorce solicitors specialise in divorce and family law and so understand that clients are concerned about costs and how to keep the financial impact of divorce to a minimum. Our family lawyers will help you explore all the options available to you, including ways to resolve your dispute out of Court, which in turn can help reduce the costs payable by you.

Do both sides need a solicitor for a divorce?

Generally, each party to a divorce is likely to instruct their own lawyer on relationship breakdown, and each lawyer will be working hard to fight their client’s case. This approach may be required in lots of cases, and there are benefits to this, especially if there are domestic abuse issues, or financial and/or children disputes that cannot be agreed upon.

The family law system is traditionally adversarial in nature and couples are often set up against each other in a battle to obtain the most desirable outcome. However, this is a system we are slowly shifting away from with the help of no fault divorce and is a model which may not be suitable for every couple.

Our family and divorce solicitors in London are committed to dispute resolution, and we understand that it may not always be necessary for you and your spouse to need such a hostile approach. Recognising that many couples want to divorce in this way, we launched the ‘Agreeable’ model. Agreeable is a truly unique client service, offered by our London team, where a specialist family lawyer and a relationship coach will work collaboratively with both parties as a team, offering a tailored approach where one lawyer can act for both parties. It allows our team of divorce solicitors to combine their unique specialist legal expertise with therapeutic support provided by our own in-house Director of Client Wellbeing, Kim Crewe, to provide the specialist emotional and legal support client’s need from a single team with common goals.

Read more about Agreeable here: https://www.familylawpartners.co.uk/how-we-work/agreeable

Who pays the solicitors fees in a divorce?

We understand that the issue of costs and how to fund your divorce can cause a significant amount of stress and worry at a time when there is already family breakdown and conflict. Often, separating couples struggle to adapt to financially supporting two separate households and may be unable to release funds from a joint asset, especially if the money is tied up in the family home.

Legal costs in divorce will include the court fee of £593 and the associated fees charged by the lawyers working on your case.

As a general rule of thumb, each party is responsible for their own legal costs in the divorce. However, in a sole application, the applicant (the person applying for the divorce) will be responsible for paying the court fee. In a joint application, you will need to decide who is applicant 1 and who is applicant 2. Applicant 1 will be responsible for paying the court fee.

How much does divorce cost?

The cost of divorce can vary from couple to couple, and different factors such as complexity, the degree of conflict and the approach taken can impact the fees involved. A good divorce lawyer should seek to work with you to minimise costs, however there are inevitably unavoidable costs associated with divorce proceedings.

Our team of divorce solicitors in London understand that the issue of costs and how to pay for a divorce understandably causes a great deal of stress and worry. However, people have more options than they may think when it comes to funding a family law case, and exploring different dispute resolution processes – which our London divorce solicitors are trained and experienced in – is the best way to reduce the financial impact for you and your family.

How our divorce solicitors can help you

At Family Law Partners, our team of divorce & family law solicitors in London focus on minimising the emotional and financial cost for you and your family and we place a very strong emphasis on alternative dispute resolution. As we have explored above, there are many alternatives to court, and we will help you determine which is the correct route for you to take. The divorce process itself is relatively straight forward, but it is the wider issues such as financial arrangements, or arrangements for children, where emotions are often heightened. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and to ascertain what their goals and objectives are.

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Taking care of you emotionally and practically

We are one of the only family law teams to have a Family Consultant within our team. Find out what this means for you and your family.

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Taking care of you emotionally and practically

We are one of the only family law teams to have a Family Consultant within our team. Find out what this means for you and your family.

Find out more