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Hazel Manktelow is the firm’s leading family law solicitor in South/Mid Hampshire and is Recommended Lawyers in the Legal 500 directory.

An expert in family law, Hazel has been a qualified mediator with Resolution since 2010 and specialises in finances following a relationship breakdown, whether by separation, divorce, or dissolution of civil partnership. Hazel also has experience in dealing with military pensions, in particular naval and armed forces pensions which are complex and require specialist knowledge.

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Our Hampshire team are recognised in the Legal 500 directory and are qualified mediators with Resolution, achieving recognised status with National Family Mediation.

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Our specialist team of family lawyers are externally recognised by Resolution, Chambers UK, Legal 500 and the Law Society. In 2023 we were winners of the Legal Business Awards 2023 - Private Client Team of the Year, which was an important moment in our team’s history.

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We offer flexible funding options to cover our family law fees, including Agreed Fees and Litigation Funding where appropriate. Please get in touch to find out more.

Divorce and Separation

Our specialist family solicitors in Hampshire understand that experiencing divorce or separation can be extremely difficult for you and your family. All of our expert solicitors in Hampshire are trained in alternative dispute resolution processes, including family mediation, child inclusive mediation, hybrid mediation and civil mediation. We also have collaboratively trained lawyers in Hampshire. These alternative methods of dispute resolution mean that our solicitors will try to keep your family law matter out of the court and look to resolve any disputes amicably using mediation or the collaborative process. Your own personal situation will determine the right approach for you and your family, and our team of experts in Hampshire will guide you through the different processes available and what they mean for your outcome. They will help you to make an informed decision and to move forward in the most constructive way, reducing the emotional and financial cost to you and your family.

Our family law specialists advise clients in Portsmouth, Petersfield, Portchester, Haslemere, Waterlooville, Winchester, Basingstoke, Alton and the surrounding areas. As well as via video conferencing, for example, using Zoom.

Financial Issues

Issues relating to finances during a divorce or separation can often be an area of concern for separating couples, for example, how property will be divided and other assets. Our experts understand that you would like to resolve this type of dispute in the easiest and most cost-effective way possible, which is why we advocate dispute resolutions processes, such as mediation, the collaborative process and Arbitration, rather than court.

Our Hampshire team are also military pension experts, including advising on naval and armed forces pensions when it comes to a separation or divorce. This type of advice requires specialist financial experts to ensure the pension is protected and the benefits it provides maximised.


When going through a divorce or separation the main concern for parents is the impact this change in family life will have when there are children involved. Our specialist family solicitors in Hampshire understand the needs of your children should always come first, and work with you to find short and long-term solutions. Taking a solution-focused approach to resolving issues relating to children, for example through using mediation or the collaborative process to resolve disputes relating to child arrangements, can help to reduce conflict and resolve matters quickly. Rather than using the court process to make decisions for you, mediation and the collaborative process puts you in control of your situation, ensuring the best outcome for you and your family

As part of our Hampshire team, we also have a child inclusive mediator, who is trained to involve children in the mediation process. Giving children a voice during what can be a turbulent time in their lives can be extremely powerful and can often help parents come to a resolution quicker as they have an understanding of what the children actually want from an impartial third party, the mediator.

Living Together

Couples who chose not to marry and live together are often surprised to find out that ‘common-law marriage’ doesn’t exist. Unmarried couples do not have the same rights as married people and this can often lead to problems if a separation occurs, especially when property and children are concerned.

Our specialist team in Hampshire can advise couples in Portsmouth, Petersfield, Portchester, Haslemere, Waterlooville, Winchester, Basingstoke, Alton and the surrounding areas on their options. This can include cohabitation agreements, also known as living together agreements, as well as prenuptial and postnuptial agreements (see below). If separation occurs without a cohabitation agreement in place or if there is one in place our family law solicitors can support you in the process to divide assets and child arrangements (if applicable).

Prenuptial Agreements

Our Hampshire team have extensive experience in prenuptial agreements and will always work with you to establish exactly what you would like to achieve and what you would be comfortable with in order to move forward in your relationship.

Postnuptial Agreements

The use of mediation and the collaborative process to put together postnuptial agreements is something our family law solicitors in Hampshire recommend to ensure that everyone can move forward and any issues are resolved amicably.

Family Mediation

Our family mediators in Hampshire have extensive experience in working with clients to resolve family law issues in the most constructive way, including financial issues and arrangements for children. Our team also includes a child inclusive mediator, hybrid mediator and a civil mediator. Hybrid mediation is particularly suited to high conflict or complex matters, as it means lawyers can be involved directly in the process.

To train as a mediator you need to have a minimum level of experience in family law, social science, therapeutic or counselling services. Mediators undertake an extensive training programme to qualify and then have to go through the accreditation process which involves observations and supervision by a recognised Professional Practice Consultant. Additional training needs to be undertaken to qualify as a hybrid, child inclusive and hybrid mediator.