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Family Mediation Week 2020

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Family Mediation Week 2020

The FMA annual campaign runs from 20th to 24th January. Family Mediation Week 2020 aims to raise awareness of mediation and how it can help separating families manage their issues collaboratively and productively. We’ve put together a curated view of articles and resources which centres around a?constructive and non-confrontational approach to resolving family issues through the process of Mediation

Did you know there are alternatives to going to Court following a Divorce of Separation?

45% of people are unaware that there are alternatives to going to court. This infographic shows the different options.


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What is Mediation?

Everything you need to know about family mediation in one handy graphic.


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How does Mediation work?

Our flowchart simplifies the mediation process, highlighting the different steps and stages.



Why does Mediation work?

Find out what it is about family mediation that makes it a successful way of resolving disputes.


Who are Mediators?

Mediators have unique skills and qualifications. Find out what the accreditations mean and the different types of mediation work undertaken.


When is Mediation suitable for my clients?

We answer some of the most common questions asked about mediation by other lawyers.


Meet our Mediators

Our team of experts are highly experienced in Family Mediation and are passionate about a non-confrontational approach to separation.

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How do you get an unwilling partner to try Mediation?

A number of options and ideas to help convince your ex-partner about the benefits of mediation.

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How Mediation can help parenting after parting?

Mediation is an effective way of helping parents move forward following divorce or separation, with many couples finding it a way of helping them parent constructively.

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How can a financial expert help you within the Mediation process?

We interview a financial advisor to find out why it can be of enormous value for separating couples to have this form of input.

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Court Vs Mediation

We outline the key differences between the court and mediation process, unveiling how mediation can help save money, time and emotional distress.

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