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Family Mediation Week 2023

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Family Mediation Week 2023

The Family Mediation Council’s annual campaign runs from 16th to 20th January. Family Mediation Week 2023 is an opportunity to raise awareness of family mediation and the benefits it can bring to separating families. We’ve put together a curated view of articles and resources which centres around a constructive and non-confrontational approach to resolving family issues through the process of Mediation.

The benefits of co-mediation

Co-mediation is when you have the expertise of two mediators or perhaps a mediator and another professional. Mediators, Hannah Viet and Kate Elliott tell us more.

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Our Agreeable Model – Utilising our mediation skills in a new way

Agreeable is an experience where a specialist family lawyer who is also a qualified mediator works together with a relationship coach, as a team, to deliver bespoke solutions for a divorcing couple by acting for them both. Mediator, Gemma Hope explains more.

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How can you help save costs within the mediation process?

Mediator, Gemma Hope looks at how couples can save money during mediation. Compared to other process options, such as court, mediation can be a very cost-effective way of resolving issues that arise when couples separate or divorce

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Meet our Mediators

Our team of experts are highly experienced in Family Mediation and are passionate about a non-confrontational approach to separation.

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Mediation Case Study

Mediator, Alice Scambler provides an insight into the process of family law mediation in the form of a case summary from a recent divorce and financial matter.

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What do family consultants bring to mediation?

Family Consultants can be there to help you process and manage your separation in a constructive manner. Gemma Hope explains more..

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What is Family Mediation?

Gemma Hope explains that Family Mediation is a voluntary process where an independent, professionally trained mediator helps separating couples find solutions to issues that arise as a result of divorce or separation.

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Wellbeing and Therapeutic Support

We are one of the only family law teams in the country to have a family consultant within our team. Our Director of Client Wellbeing, Kim Crewe, heads up a team offering support to help individuals and couples move forward positively before, during and after a divorce or separation, with their happiness and wellbeing at the forefront.

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Contact our Mediators

Our team of experts are highly experienced in Family Mediation. We regularly advise clients on how mediation can be used as an effective way of resolving family law issues.

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