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Agreeable is an experience where a specialist family lawyer and a relationship coach work together - a new model where one lawyer acts for both parties.

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Agreeable - a new service from Family Law Partners

Agreeable is an experience.  A specialist family lawyer and family consultant working together as a team to deliver bespoke solutions for you and your partner.  A unique combination of legal expertise and therapeutic support designed to provide twice the value of other family law legal processes.

This was so much easier than I imagined it would be, it really feels as though we have a solid start to our new lives”. Agreeable client, 2023

What is different about Agreeable?

Most couples facing divorce or separation ‘lawyer up’. Opposing lawyers each fighting their client’s corner. The foundations of the relationship, such as trust and compassion, can be early casualties, caught in the crossfire of an aggressive legal process. With Agreeable, you will have one lawyer who will look after both of you, working hard in the best interests of your family. We know divorce and separation can be tough, we see perfectly good agreements evaporate in the face of unmanaged emotional issues caused by relationship breakdown. So, our family consultant works with you and your partner, alongside a lawyer, to provide a complete solution that will stand the test of time.

Tailored for you

Every aspect of Agreeable is tailored to fit around your needs, rather than an impenetrable legal process. As individuals, we would all like control over the events in our lives and we often wish for certainty. At the very least, we can offer you the peace of mind that we will deliver the value of Agreeable on a fixed and agreed price. No charging by the minute or according to some complex formula. We will be clear with you about the way we charge for Agreeable and that extends to the services of any neutral experts we may agree should be brought in to help us such as financial planners, accountants or pension valuers.

“The way you both have given us room to communicate is rooted in respecting of self and each other… you have given us a template to work with in having a good divorce. Divorcing on the same ticket in which we started our relationship, in love and mind”. Agreeable clients, January 2023.

Not all ‘legal services’ are the same

It is not against the law for anyone to hold themselves out as being ‘legally trained’.  Such services exist in what is called the unregulated sector.  This means that there is no central authority overseeing their activities.  No one to check the competence of the services being offered.  No one to check if one spouse is being bullied or manipulated by the other.  No one to hold accountable when it all goes wrong.

The solicitors in your Agreeable team are regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority to the highest professional and ethical standards. We are solicitors of the Supreme Court. It has taken us years of intensive study, training and supervision just to attain the title of ‘solicitor’. And that is just the beginning of the journey: we have all gone on to add additional and valuable skill sets to our strong legal core: mediation, collaborative law working, arbitration and, in some cases, holding judicial office as judges.

Why should I trust Agreeable?

We live and breathe family law.  We know we only get one chance to help you make the right decisions at this crucial time of your life.  We have even developed our own software to help you do it.  We are recognised, year on year, by our legal peers and independent observers, as being amongst the very best in the country.  We are the ‘Dispute Resolution Team of the Year 2021’ precisely because we invest so heavily in creating solutions for our clients like Agreeable.  Your family is unique and so are our solutions.

How does Agreeable compare to my other options?

Good family lawyers know that the most important decision our clients will have to make is which resolution option to use.  You will have heard of some of these options, such as mediation.  This choice will influence everything that follows.  Our goal is to match you with the resolution option most likely to provide the best outcome.  The fact that you are here means that we think it could be a constructive and powerful solution for you.  You might be wondering how Agreeable compares with the other options available based on affordability or the degree of support or control you may experience? We’ve done the homework for you, scoring each resolution option on the factors our clients tell us are important.

The Agreeable Pathway

Agreeable is an experience and the journey is tailored to your circumstances. We’ve given you quite a bit of information so you might find it useful to look at a visual representation of Agreeable.

Next Steps

If you would like to find out more about Agreeable, please contact Kim Crewe on 01273 646919 or email [email protected].

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Agreeable is a new way to divorce - a specialist family lawyer and family consultant working together as a team to deliver bespoke solutions for you and your partner.

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