Family Mediation

Our Approach to Mediation

Our team of experts are highly experienced in family mediation. We regularly advise clients on how mediation can be used as an effective way of resolving family law issues, including arrangements for children. Sarah Jelly, Hazel Manktelow, Gemma Hope, Kate Elliott and Mark Harrop are the team’s qualified mediators.

We have put together a range of downloadable resources to explain some of the benefits of mediation, how the process works and why it might be right for you. To access each resource, click on the circles below.

Our approach to Family Mediation

  • We will skilfully guide you in your discussions.
  • We will give you guidance as to whether the terms you want to agree to will be approved by the court.
  • We will provide a safe and structured forum for discussion.
  • We will help you to find the solutions.
  • We will facilitate and control the production and review of paperwork and ensure ideas and proposals are reality checked.
  • Where appropriate we will invite you to involve your children in the process, enabling their voices to be heard.
  • We will ensure that decisions are balanced and safe.

What are the benefits of Family Mediation?

  • It can be conducted at a pace that suits you and your partner; courts can be slow and dates inconvenient;
  • It should be considerably less expensive than using the court;
  • It helps reduce the potential for distress that court proceedings would  create;
  • It allows you and your partner to set the agenda and discuss what is important to you;
  • It provides an opportunity to speak face to face at a time when emotions are running high and when the next time you meet might otherwise be in a court room;
  • It is a process that encourages open and honest communication and co-operation;
  • It provides a forum to allow you to create solutions tailored to your needs;
  • It is non-adversarial; this is in contrast to the court process;
  • You can involve the children if deemed appropriate to do so; it can be very powerful to give children a voice in a process they often feel they have no control over;
  • It will enable you to draw on the mediator’s experience, skills and understanding to find a solution that works for you and your partner.

If you are consulting us and wish to be referred to a mediator we will direct you to someone who will be able to assist you and your spouse/partner.

If you are consulting us after you have seen a mediator we will direct you to one of our lawyers who can look at the paperwork and advise you on its implications as well as providing a third-party view and ‘reality check’ on its terms. We can also assist with incorporating its terms into an order for the court’s approval and implementation.

Alternatives to Family Mediation?

Family mediation is just one of the dispute resolution processes we offer. In addition to our trained mediators, we have expertise in collaborative law, family law arbitration and solicitor-led negotiation.

For more mediation information and guidance, please refer to our blog which covers different topics on the subject of mediation:

If you would like an appointment with one of our specialists then please contact Miriam, our Practice Manager on 01273 646900