Our own tools

Talking a good innovation game is one thing, bringing ideas and new technologies to their real application is another.

Our continued investment in technology has resulted in the launch of two unique tools which have been developed in response to real challenges faced by clients and our fellow professionals in the family law space.


Siaro is an online platform for family law practitioners, allowing experts to gather all relevant client information prior to the initial consultation in divorce and separation cases via a ‘guided pathway’ questionnaire.

This client information can then be accessed through a simple online dashboard, putting family lawyers in full possession of the facts ahead of their first meeting with the client. Crucially, this allows the initial meeting to include the delivery of real advice (instead of a fact-finding exercise), delivering greater value for clients, and transparency in terms of options, from the outset.

The dashboard can be updated by both client and lawyer throughout the case.  All assets, liabilities and property information is processed to give a clear understanding of finances. Court forms, including Form E, can be instantly populated and chronologies easily generated.

Further information can be found here: http://www.siaro.co.uk/

Child Maintenance Calculator

Our Child Maintenance Calculator was created as a result of what we believed were serious drawbacks to the Child Maintenance Agency’s (CMA) own tool.

Time and time again, we would come across clients (and lawyers) who had found the CMA’s calculator tricky to use at best, infuriatingly flimsy at worst. We designed our calculator to plug these gaps, and include unique features that would enable parents to reach an agreement on a child maintenance figure:

  • Easy-capture, easy share – the resulting calculation is documented in a format that can be instantly shared with the co-parent
  • Greater accuracy- a larger number of inputs (including the level of gross income entered or the level of pension contributions) provides a more accurate calculation for both parents.
  • PDF export –  the calculation can be exported and emailed to your own inbox, as well as to a third party such as the parent’s lawyer or mediator.
  • Mobile and tablet-friendly –  unlike the CMA tool, the calculator can be used across multiple devices.

To date, the calculator has been used more than 1400 times and calculated over £20 million of support. It is available for free to parents and their legal advisors in England and Wales, and can be accessed here.