Why innovation matters

Nothing stands still.  Not even the practice of law.  At Family Law Partners, we have developed rich specialisms in the area of family law: court litigation, the collaborative model, mediation and family law arbitration.  We don’t ‘do’ other areas of law. We are recognised by independent researchers as being the best in our field. So what, we say. What do we expect? A medal?

Being accomplished lawyers isn’t enough as far as we are concerned. We think clients should demand more. Because we live, eat, and breathe family law we know just how challenging it can be for our clients navigating their way through the pain and exhaustion of family separation. Because our whole team practically dreams about family law we are obsessed with how we can make those journeys better for you and your family.

Video: Our team talk to IBM about our use of data analytics

So, you should be asking by now, what makes Family Law Partners different?  We constantly review how we work and how we can become faster, more efficient, more supportive and more affordable without losing one iota of the quality we are renowned for. This means we invest time and money to build solutions for you because they don’t exist anywhere else. This very often involves technology: whether it’s creating a virtual lawyer to prepare you for meeting a real one or partnering with the University of Brighton to apply the disciplines of machine learning and artificial intelligence to family law.  We will carry on creating. We will carry on innovating. Because you and your family deserve the best. This is what makes us different and you can read all about it on these innovation pages.