Alana Frawley - Family Law Partners
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"Winning the Family Law Partners scholarship is hugely beneficial to me as I am self financing my way through university. This bursary would not only alleviate the financial barriers, but also reduce the associated stress and worry, allowing me to focus on my employability and achieving my career goals. Additionally, the work experience and mentoring the firm offers in the scheme, makes me more employable and givies me skills that will benefit me in future employment".

Where did you grow up –  where is home for you?

I grew up in the High Peak- In the countryside, however, going to college in the city drew me towards Manchester.

What attracted you to study in Brighton?

Brighton has always seemed like a beautiful city, so inclusive, bright and vibrant with a melting-pot of interesting and creative people, with a rich and inspiring social history; that I hope will inspire and inform my life development.

What led you to study law?

Law is interesting and diverse and helps to have a better general; understanding of the world.

Where do you see yourself in the future?  

My career aspiration has always been to join the police force, in particular the mounted division, which would combine two of my greatest passions, riding and social justice.

I would love to be making a difference through law, helping people get justice in countries where there is so little, this could include working for the United Nations. I want to make a difference for people whose voices have been lost in the system.

In 10 years, whatever I’m doing, I want to be making a positive difference to people’s lives, especially to victims of crime. 11 years in Girls Brigade has given me the passion and impetus to work in social justice. Girls Brigade gave me incredible opportunities. Just one example of this would be when I went to the Philippines in 2018 for a Christian mission trip to do aid work, this cemented my motivation to work in fighting for equality.

After visiting the Philippines, I knew I wanted to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Seeing what an unjust world we live in and how people in positions of authority can take advantage of those who are underrepresented or under-educated, made me realise I wanted to spend my time improving the lives of people globally.

Being in the police would be an incredibly challenging role, mentally and physically. I always thrive on challenges.

Currently, officers need to be able to exhibit integrity, but also advocate empathy and understanding. Everything they do, their mindset, their work ethic, has an impact on the communities they work with. I know I have the drive, strength of character, also compassion, to offer a great deal to this institution.

I believe you have to be the change you want to see in the world, in order to be part of the long term solution.